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MPR IT Welcomes Simon Furlonger to support

by MPRAdmin in New customer

Welcome Simon Furlonger

Simon Furlonger

MPR IT would like to say a huge thank you to Simon Furlonger Specialist cars for choosing MPR IT as their partner for IT services.

MPR IT where called in to look at a IT small IT system what needed a re-fresh and wireless adding for customers to use. From desktop PC’s, laptops and cabling, every area needed bringing up to date.

With the use of HP desktop PC’s and Laptops we have jumped light years forward in performance and reliability, CAT6 cabling has connected up all offices and a fully managed Ubiquiti Wireless Wireless network with customer hotspot brings the infrastructure to a new level.

As for user experience, the introduction of Microsoft office 365 has give enterprise levels of collaboration for a fraction of the cost.

If your a small business and would like to know more about any of these fantastic services we offer to our customers, please get in contact today.


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Customer Service, You come first

by MPRAdmin in General, MPR IT Work

Customer service, always putting our clients first

We are often asked what measures we put in place to monitor and help to importantly, improve our customer service level. The use of a very sophisticated ERP system allows us to track, monitor and report on any client, including all conversations that we make from the start to finish. Our single system which is designed with IT support in mind, covers all aspects of managing your account, from CRM to Invoice.

For us that is not enough, so with a full 360 Feedback and monitoring on all aspects of our business, we at MPR IT are ensuring we are delivering the very best service we can, for as much of the time as possible. Like every business not every problem is solved in an instant, but with continual monitoring, we ensure that we learn and improve, so you our customers get a better service!

So what is 360 Feedback??



A quick answer is its a continual monitoring process of our work, we look at all aspects from the employee, their peers, supervisors and our customers directly.

Here are MPR IT we are using 360 feedback for both personal improvement and as a collective of the business.

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The Kings School Canterbury, Wireless WAN

by MPRAdmin in MPR IT Work

Recently MPR IT where approached by the IT department of Kings School in Canterbury about installing a Wireless WAN network to connect four of their facilities together across the City of Canterbury. The main school is separated to the other buildings via main roads, train lines and public homes.

We where asked to look at connecting all four sites via wireless technology – From light licensed 5 Ghz to 71-76/81-86 GHz carrier grade equipment to provide speeds from 300 mbps right up to 1Gbps

Our first step was a full survey for distance, elevation and outside interference, we also had to consider existing mobile communication equipment that was mounted in one of the buildings.


Initial overview of proposed links


Link Distance calculation with Fresnel zone information


Secondary Link Proposal


The Third link Proposal

Once it was clear the theory was going to work a full visual and test survey was under taken


Zoomed in view of tower


View Back from Tower


View to Tower

Once a full test had been carried out, the main installation started. The frame work was erected and the first antenna installed.

The final specification was LigoWave Pro antennas with an option at a later date to install a SIAE ALFOPLUS80 to increase bandwidth


Mounting of LigoWave Antenna

More pictures will be added as the project continues over the coming days


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