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Windows 10 User Experience

by Nicki Dowsett in Uncategorized

 Windows 10 Diary.


I have downloaded windows 10. It took about an hour to download, and then half hour to set up. It’s definitely a change going from windows 7, to windows 10. I am not using the Windows 10 default browser ‘Edge’, I’m using ‘Internet Explorer’ instead as my browser, because ‘Edge’ doesn’t allow you to set a homepage, whereas ‘Internet Explorer’ does. I had some issues with the resolution, I fiddled with it and had some colleagues have a look at it as well, and although it’s a lot better, but it’s still not the same as before because obviously it’s not windows 7. The lay out is different, I didn’t try windows 8 or 8.1 so I don’t know the difference between, 8 and 10. Other than that everything I’ve been using today is pretty much the same, but as time goes by I’m sure other things will crop up that are different.


So I have had Windows 10 for a couple of days now, I’m still getting used to the layout. I needed my sticky notes, and I couldn’t find them just under ‘S’ I had to search ‘notes’ and then they came up. The search bar is handy. I haven’t come across any major issues yet, and I don’t think I will as I know it works with our systems and software, as most of the office have Windows 10 now. My screen still doesn’t look the same as it did before, everything looks stretched, but it’s bearable at the moment.


I have been using Windows 10 a little over 2 weeks now, and apart from the few issues at the beginning I haven’t experienced any other problems. It is easy to use once you get used to the layout.

I don’t advise companies to download it just yet, it may have worked well for me but that is because our technical team had tested it out before I took the plunge. Wait until Microsoft have fixed all bugs, and you know it is compatible with all software that you already use. Within a year of Windows 10 being released we are expecting all the kinks to be worked out by Microsoft.

If you do decide you can’t wait 6 months to a year for Windows 10, then please ask us for advice, we can check the specs of your machines to see if they are powerful enough to run Windows 10.


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You can’t always trust Artificial Intelligence

by Nicki Dowsett in Uncategorized

Cortana Embarrasses Microsoft Boss On Stage

WC Fields once said you should “never work with animals or children” – it might be time to add voice-activated assistants to that list.

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella gave a keynote speech at a sales conference in San Francisco in which he wanted to show off the capabilities of Cortana.

The feature is a direct rival to Apple’s Siri, and responds to the human voice to carry out tasks and offer up information in an instant.

But the demonstration didn’t go to plan.

When he asked Cortana to “show me my most at-risk opportunities”, the assistant offered to remind him to buy milk instead.

“No, that’s not what I want,” he said, as a Bing search bar appeared with the milk request.

He tried a second time, to no avail. “Oh come on,” he said.

After a third unsuccessful attempt, a visibly frustrated Mr Nadella apologised to the crowd, saying: “No, this is not going to work.

“Sorry about that. Someone’s trying to save me from backstage.”

The mobile assistant has recently been incorporated into Windows 10, a feature the Microsoft boss had been keen to show off.

At least we know, that Cortana will make sure we have enough Milk before she takes over the world.

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Microsoft & McAffee Email Filtering

by Nicki Dowsett in Uncategorized

There is an ongoing issue with Microsoft and Email filtering at present. There was a SPAM outbreak on Friday, unrelated to MPR which has caused a Global issue, resulting in some emails being blocked by Microsoft. This means they will bounce back to your email inbox.

 If this is affecting you, please try to resend your email as it may go through from another server – the chances are it will go through eventually.

 McAffee hope to have this resolved at some point today. In the meantime, we will press McAffee to put pressure on Microsoft and will keep you full updated as the day progresses.

 We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



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Exciting new IT career opportunity

by Nicki Dowsett in Uncategorized

Are you looking for a new challenge and a job in IT?

MPR IT is a well-established and growing business providing leading IT support and services to business across the southeast. With 15 current members of staff we are looking to expand our in house workshop and helpdesk facilities side of the business and are now looking to give an enthusiastic and hardworking individual an exciting job with strong career prospects.

The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in IT with excellent time and personal management skills, be able to demonstrate a good level of understanding of PC hardware repair and builds, be able to troubleshoot and repair Windows operating systems and office products, be able to work closely as part of a team yet be able to self-manage workloads and report back on progress.


2nd Line Support Engineer


The role of 2nd Line Support Engineer combines a clear commitment to customer satisfaction with a desire to progress technical skills. The 2nd Line Support Engineer is responsible for the day-to-day support of customers. The role will include ticket logging, second line support of desktops, servers, other associated devices and acting upon monitoring generated alerts. Support will be provided through email, tickets generated by the online portal and telephone direct to the customers. The role will also be responsible for managing escalations to other parts of Operations and vendors or partners, to ensure the prompt and satisfactory resolutions of customer support cases.

Key Duties

  • Provide Support for IT customers via telephone, email and online tickets.
  • Support, maintain, and improve customer service.
  • Provide accurate and timely diagnosis and rectification of customer faults.
  • Resolve or escalate problems and service requests according to established procedures
  • Work pro-actively to ensure prompt resolution of support cases and the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Raise, update and close calls on service desk call management system.
  • Escalate call to other 3rd Line support/external maintenance companies.

Person Specification


  • Microsoft Windows and Office.
  • Excellent communication skills and telephone manner.
  • Ability to follow procedures and mindful of attention to detail.
  • Able to make progress with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to work consistently in a dynamic and sometimes high pressure environment.
  • Fluent English.
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft Windows Server technologies.
  • Active Directory.
  • Network experience.
  • Experience of working in a service desk environment.
  • Good PC / Peripheral hardware skills

A CRB check will be required for this role.

This is a full time position Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

Salary is negotiable

To apply please send a cover letter and your CV to



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Windows 10 has now launched

by Nicki Dowsett in Windows 10

Windows 10 - the last major revision

Windows 10 – the last major revision

Windows 10

So Windows 10 launched over a month ago, and the majority of people who downloaded the free software, have had issues of some kind. Generally these issues stem from compatibility, that’s why we advise that you hold on installing Windows 10, until the bugs have been fixed.

We hope that in 6 months’ time, Windows 10 will be what it says on the box.

“It’s the windows you know, only better.”

Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, and has lots of similarities to windows 7, like the smart menu. It starts up and resumes fast, and has more built in security for your safety.

Windows 10 combines the strengths of Windows 8, with Windows 7”

Microsoft Edge lets you move quickly from browsing to doing. Write or type notes directly onto web pages and share them with others. With Cortana enabled you can highlight an unfamiliar term to get a contextual explanation that doesn’t take you away from where you are.

Get done faster by better managing your desktop. Snap up to 4 things on one screen at the same time and create virtual desktops whenever you need more space or want to group things by project, like office apps for work, and games for play.

“It’s what windows 8 should have been”

Windows 10 for Home is great, it just seems to work for personal use. It has Xbox one integration, so you can play your Xbox on your laptop if you can’t get to the T.V. The Microsoft app store is wonderfully new. The start button is great, it is a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Now onto some of the not so great things about windows 10.

The majority of our customers that have downloaded Windows 10, have had issues. Microsoft has not tested Windows 10 compatibility with every software, because well that’s impossible.

If you have a bespoke piece of software, you have no hope at the moment. Windows 10 does not currently work with other software programmes like Sage and Act. There have been some issues with graphic drivers not working correctly with NVidea.

We have also had a customer that downloaded Windows 10 at home, it took all night to complete, but it had not installed onto the PC, and the PC was still running Windows 8.

Some other issues we have noticed are:

  • Processing some RAW images in Photoshop slowed the computer down to a snail’s pace.
  • Windows 10 did not recognise a network printer that Windows 8 had been using.
  • When trying to print a webpage in chrome, the tab would crash
  • A mouse had to be unplugged and re plugged before it would work.
  • You have to pay for the ‘premium’ version of solitaire, which basically means you’re paying to not see ads after every match.

In the future Windows 10 will be a great and powerful option for people to have at home or at the office, but we advise for the time being, do not download Windows 10. Not until the bugs are fixed and everything has been smoothed out. Also, when you do go to download Windows 10, let us advice you to make sure you have the right specifications, and compatibility to run it – It’s what we are here for.

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Windows Cortana

by Nicki Dowsett in Windows 10

Windows 10 - Cortana

Windows 10 – Cortana

Windows 10 & Cortana

So the new Windows 10 has launched and we have been looking at some of the features it offers on a lighter note rather than the boring techy stuff we normally do.  Here is how you can interact with your device however you want.

Touch, Type, Write or Speak: the choice is yours, so you can use whatever works best for what you’re doing.


Do things like write on a web page, swipe through your photos and snap apps into place.


When you need to get more done, use your keyboard or the touch keyboard on devices with touch


Use a pen to draw naturally, or add notes to files, sign documents, or play around with art apps


Just by talking, you can ask Cortana to set a reminder or write an email, and chat with friends or family on skype.


Cortana’s got plenty of sass. When being asked questions, Cortana’s answers may come of a surprise, for example:

 “Who’s your daddy?”

Technically speaking that’d be Bill Gates. No big deal.

“What do you think of surface?”

In a sea of tablets there is only one that rises to the surface.

“Who’s better, Google Now or Cortana?”

My name is a lot less bossy.

“Beam me up scotty”

Aye, Aye, Captain.

“Tell me a joke”

Why did the hipster burn his mouth on his coffee? Because he drank it before it was cool.

“Sing me a song”

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.

“Can I change your name?”

What if I started calling you Thumbs?  Let’s stick with what we’ve got.

“How do I look today?”

What, are you kidding me? You’re a knockout!

“What do you look like?”

So do you think Cortana will be better than Apples Siri? Let the contest begin.


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