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Wireless Networks your business

by Nicki Dowsett in General, IT Support, IT Systems, Wireless networks

Wireless networks

We all know that there is increasingly a huge demand for connections on the move.   Almost every device has wireless IP connectivity – mobile phones, tablets, cameras and even TVs. We have come to accept it the norm to have wireless connections in the home, for a wide range of devices.  Companies large and small are now beginning to require wireless networks in order for these devices to connect for shared resources, manageability and control.  As a home worker, having wireless network is essential for me. My laptop and IP phone are connected to the internet which means, I can work from anywhere in the home.  For office based staff having a wireless connection means that your staff can use more tools for the work day.  If you have meetings within the office, staff can bring tablets or laptops to any meeting room without the loss of connectivity, it also makes it easier for visitors to present any information with ease.

MPR IT Wireless network design and deployment services offer solutions that range from a simple access point to full coverage for a factory or outside area, allowing for stock control with wireless scanners and countless other scenarios. Using hardware solutions from the likes of Ubiquity, Cisco, Ruckus, LigoWave and many more, we are able to select the right hardware for your wireless network requirements.

We also plan, design and deploy full building coverage solutions for  hotels, motorway service areas, pubs and bars. Giving your customers reliable, fast and easy-to-access wireless really makes them feel valued and will ensure a return visit.  Our skilled and trained staff have the tools to correctly plan a wireless network deployment, setup controllers and maintain the setup thereafter.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Advantages of Wireless Networks

Small to Large Deployment, One Access Point to 150+
Customisable Portal Pages
Track User details
Collected Marketing Information
All Leading Brands installed and supported
Centralise Management
Offices, Hotels, Factories and more catered for

Case Study

MPR IT were recently contacted by a group of 12 hotels in London, with a 99% occupancy rating resulting in a lot of guests with a high demand for solid and reliable internet connectivity.  The hotels were all suffering from poor deployment, and none had any central management for wireless networks, with no way to track guests or provide hotel services via their free wireless internet.

The issues were clearly laid out to us at the start of the project –  “Make our hotels internet stable, fast, and importantly give our guests easy and reliable access to our wifi and give us back something we can use to gather data on our guests”

Many of the hotels were not on the latest generation of high speed FTTC service and were stuck on the traditional ADSL 2 lines, which had to be improved where possible without the cost of a leased line.

After an initial site visit,  MPR IT developed a package with known hardware that we could roll out to all the hotels, replacing the old unmanaged solutions as we went, and all sites now project a unified brand with a reliable and solid internet services to guests 24/7.  To the sites where internet bandwidth was an issue, multiple lines are load balanced allowing for a much smoother and rich user experience.

The outcome is a much improved service and guest complaints have stopped overnight about the internet and wireless.

The custom capture portal that is presented to guests delivers offers ad incentives when they sign in to the wireless portal, this has increased the direct bookings they are taking, cutting their costs to the booking agencies dramatically.

For more information on how MPR IT can help your business implement a wireless network please contact us for a consultation on 0800 030 20 30 or see our main wireless networks page.

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Kent Vision Live

by Nicki Dowsett in Uncategorized

MPR IT will be exhibiting at Kent Vision Live on 11th May 2016 and would like to take this opportunity to invite you along to discuss further how MPR IT can assist your business with your IT requirements.

Kent Vision LIVE is the South East’s premier B2B exhibition and the largest event of its kind in the UK: with over 3,200 unique buyers, suppliers and partners coming together for the year’s most important business gathering.  That’s more than every other B2B event in Kent put together – and all in a single day!

On the stand you will be able to meet members of technical team and our directors, we will also have representatives from some our partner companies, Rainbow Telecoms and Purdicom.  As I am sure you aware MPR IT offer various products and services including:
•    Fully Inclusive IT Support
•    Microsoft Office 365
•    Business Telephone systems
•    Wireless Networks
•    Hardware procurement
•    Point to Point wireless
•    Office Relocations and structured cabling

To attend the event, it is advised that you register in advance, click here to register for free.  Please also let us know if you will be attending on the day and I will ensure that the team are expecting you, we will have some goodies for you as well.

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April Newsletter

by Nicki Dowsett in B2B, cybercrime, Exhibitions, General, Industry News, IT Support, IT Systems, Monthly Newsletter, MPR

Welcome to our April newsletter, the main stories in the last month have all been about cybercrime and the Apple V FBI argument continues to roll on.  These are both subjects that are going to continue for many months to come.  Both will in many ways be important to us different ways.  See our social media pages for the many stories that we have been posting over the last few weeks.

It’s not long now till our first major event of the year.  MPR IT will be exhibiting at Kent Vision Live on stand 231.  Kent Vision Live is the South East’s premier B2B event, with over 3,000 visitors. This is the event to attend this year, and why not come along to see us. We will have 2 of our partners with us as well, Rainbow Global and Purdicom. Members of the technical team will be on hand to answer any questions you have about existing or new services and packages we offer.  You might even walk away with a little treat.  It is free to register and come along.

Blogs this month have been about cybercrime and hacking, this has been such a key subject we cannot reiterate enough how important it is for you to review your current security procedures in terms of networks and passwords.  It is not only business practices but also your own personal security you should be conscious, so many scams are taking place on social media and emails.  Please read our blogs for full details on recent news regarding attacks and how you can protect yourself. As an IT support business we are experiencing more and more customers that are affected by ransomware, cryptolocker and hacking.  We cannot reiterate enough how important it is to be aware of keeping your data secure.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

In addition to security we have also blogged about how MPR IT can support your business through office moves or refurbishment for cabling and new server cabinets.  Are you considering re-locating your office?  Or has it been quite some time since your existing cabling has been replaced.  With increased productivity and technology moving forward have you considered if the cabling needs to be replaced.  As with anything cabling only has a certain life span.  Or if your server cabinets look  untidy, have you considered the additional time that could be involved in rectifying any problem that may occur.  MPR IT with all their skills and knowledge can only fix a problem once they can find the issue and if your cabling is messy this will mean more time needs to be spent before they can get to the bottom of the problem.   See our blog for more information or our website for examples of work we have previously carried out.


MPR Helpdesk team have been extremely busy over the last month with over 800 tickets completed and achieving an average survey score of 4.8 out of 5.  Well done to the team and keep up the hard work.  The team have been experiencing an increase in calls regarding security issues so please read our blogs on our tips on how to keep ahead of the cyber criminals or if you have any concerns please contact the team and they will be happy to talk through with you how you can stay cyber safe.

The sales team have also been working hard and have secured a number of new customers over the last month, we would like to welcome all our new customers to MPR and we look forward to working with you.  The team are also planning for the event at Kent 20/20 in early May.  If you are going along to the event please make sure you come along to stand 231 and say hi to the team.

As you know we post many stories on our social media and we suggest you follow us on Facebook, Linkedin or twitter to keep up to date with the latest stories.  We also have a status update page on our website that is checked daily or sometime more often.  This page will tell you if we are aware of any known issues before you contact us, it will also be updated to social media.  Checking these resources will help you find out if there is a general issue on Email filtering, Office 365, DNS/Web hosting, AVG Cloudcare, Hosted wireless or connectivity/ ISP.

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