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AVG – One in 3 SME’s do not understand “Cloud Technology”

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Is confusion about cloud technology holding back the small business market? The answer is YES!

One-in-three SMEs do not understand cloud services, a new AVG survey reveals!

SMEs are spending up to 10% of their week on IT security matters rather than entrusting it to service providers!

If you are not using cloud technology you make up a concerning majority of small and medium enterprises in the UK who are unsure of cloud services or think they are only for large companies, thus missing out on the opportunity to increase productivity and stay more effectively in control of your IT security.

The study found just a quarter of SMEs had adopted some form of cloud services, while a similar proportion thought cloud services were only for large companies. One-in-three SMEs said they did not understand cloud services at all.

Clearly the research highlights the need to educate SMEs about the benefits that the right cloud services could bring to their businesses. One of the main contributors to this is SMEs are juggling the same challenges as their larger counterparts but are making complex technology decisions without the benefit of an IT department or outside expertise to guide them.

MPR have been investing large amounts of time and money into becoming an industry expert for cloud and have achieved Microsoft Cloud Partnership status. Members of our team will be attending a conference this week to understand how new AVG cloud services can also benefit SMEs.

More than three quarters of SMEs in the UK (76.4%) say they are open to technology that makes their life easier, and are, in fact, dependent on large amounts of technology –over 95% of UK regularly use up to five pieces of technology in the course of their day-to-day work.  Significantly, however, a substantial proportion of SMEs in the UK (52%) say they are dealing with IT issues, including security, themselves – and spending up to four hours a week in the process.

In addition to the lack of understanding of cloud services, other factors cited were cost, lack of trust, and the belief the services are too complicated. This is fascinating when in fact cloud technology is the total opposite and is consistently endorsed by users as simple, highly secure and even saves them money.

MPR understand this dilemma and is offering you a free consultancy service to help educate and advise on where cloud would be best situated within your business.

Cloud is here to stay and your competitors may already be ahead of the game. Do not get left behind, act today and receive the support your business needs to give you the edge.


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