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Building Our Future – Apprenticeship Update

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Since our original post stating we have 2 opportunities for IT apprenticeships Conner has joined our team and is settling in nicely.

As we continue our steady growth and further establish ourselves as the trusted managed service provider for Kent, London and the South East, it is important to ensure our high levels of service remain the same.

By taking on Apprentices we are able to nurture and develop enthusiastic graduates and teach them the pro active and simplified IT support ethics that MPR believe in.

Three months down the line and Conner gives us an account of how he is warming to his new career.


“In the first 3 months working with MPR-IT my knowledge of IT in general has increased greatly and my understanding of basic skills has risen. I learn something new nearly every day and I am always coming across new issues which allow me to increase my knowledge even further. I am working with people who have a fantastic knowledge of IT and I hope to learn off of them as much as I can during my apprenticeship.

During my apprenticeship with MPR-IT I hope to achieve my MTA and IT City and Guilds when I am training with QA. I also hope to bring knowledge I gain from training with QA to MPR-IT. I have already passed the Networking exam for my MTA along with multiple work units and I intend to carry on like this.

My confidence on the phone has improved since starting, at first I was nervous to even pick the phone up, but I quickly overcome this when I started to speak to people more frequently.

I find it easy to talk to all of my colleagues and they are always willing to answer my questions and explain things that I do not understand.

I have been on site once, which I enjoyed and I got to see a whole different side of the job, this showed me how different being onsite is compared to being in the office.”




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