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Businesses avoid internet risk – content filtering!

by MPRAdmin in Industry News

Businesses need to be responsible for what is viewed via the internet


Employers are often unaware that companies can be held liable for the online activities of their employees. The internet is increasingly used for criminal activities such as fraud and child pornography and business owners need to take additional levels of caution.

Despite the government’s best efforts to reduce how easily this type content can be found this is still an ever present concern as highlighted in a BBC news article this morning.

The prime minister has warned internet companies that they need to act to block access to child abuse images or face new legal controls.

The problem is this type of information is very secretive and when asking an industry expert if search engines could do more this was the response;

“While I think David Cameron is very well intentioned, and of course everybody wants this kind of material to be tackled, we have no real evidence that search engines are the major way that people try to find this material.”

Recently a case involving an employee accessing child pornography resulted in the company being liable for any damages suffered. Even claims against employers for their employees internet misconduct that do not result in a ruling of liability, the exposure is still very damaging for the company.

With a simple roll out of web content filtering many of these concerns can be managed or avoided altogether.


Web content filtering can be used in many ways to benefit businesses such as;


  •  Liability and compliance – protect the business and its employees.
  • Stop non-productive searches – limit when certain types of websites can be accessed i.e. Facebook to improve productivity.
  • System Protection – Block websites with high malware and virus ratio
  • Manage Bandwidth – Blocking streaming and videos sites at peak times of usage can speed up internet performance and increase productivity


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