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Exchange 2012 to Office 365

Office 365 for Charity Not For Profit

Project Brief

Canterbury Archaeological Trust, one of the most famous Archaeology firms in the UK today, has been using MPR IT now for well over 5 years for all it’s technology needs and requirements.

As the charity has expanded in both staff and locations, coupled with the age of their old Exchange 2012 server, a crossroads was reached, and it’s a question we hear a lot, do we go to the Cloud or stay On-Premise with another Exchange server?


Project Solution

For Charities, the choice on favourable software costs is well known, the discounts available are very generous which allows even the smallest charities to have the best of Microsoft’s software offerings which could almost make this choice harder. However, there are the same if not better discounts on Office 365 for charities.

MPR IT managed to secure a full E1 subscription free of charge (FOC) for this charity, instantly it was a no-brainer on cost alone.

The migration was performed seamlessly from their old Exhange server, even with many staff not noticing the change over!

There were onsite ERP systems to integrate back to Microsoft Cloud platforms, ensuring that email and communications were still working as designed was highly important.

If you run or are involved in a Charity or work in the Education Sector and wish to speak to our specialist team about how we can help your organisation, please do not hesitate to get in contact today for a no obligation chat.