Across the country, Mr Clutch Autocentres operates the UK’s leading car servicing, brake, and transmission mechanical services and repairs with over 40 sites.


Mr Clutch Autocentres approached MPR IT to assist with their email systems. Part of a larger project rolling out a state-of-the-art customer CRM system required the updating of the email delivery for the company. There were lots of difficulties to overcome due to the secure nature of their WAN (Wide Area Network) coupled with the demands from the marketing department to improve operational efficiencies. With 48 sites to rollout, the solution to it was a good size project.


Moving away from traditional and low-function email to Office 365 was the best route of action. With a mix of packages MPR IT was able to deliver to Mr Clutch a fully working 365 rollout to the demanding head office and the locked-down depots. 365 also brought in the easy-to-use centralised management, email tracking, filtering, and much more to the organisation.


The team at Mr Clutch continues to use MPR IT for its IT Support and knowing that one simple call to MPR would mean that any questions could be answered or licenses adjusted without the need to contact Microsoft direct is a huge benefit to them.