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Network malware attack

by Nicki Dowsett in Engineers, General, Helpdesk, IT Support, Password Security, Ransomware, Uncategorised

Canterbury Archaeological Trust, one of the UK most famous Archaeology firms based in Kent, turned to MPR IT over 5 years ago looking for an outsourced IT company.  They required a reliable company to provide day to day support, Office 365, Anti-virus and also support on any larger projects that may require IT services.

Included in the support that we offer to the Trust is an all-inclusive server support and AVG anti-virus software.   Ensuring the charity is safe in the knowledge that the systems are monitored and support available 365 days a year, all for a set cost per month.  No unexpected bills for when something goes awry on a weekend or holiday period.

This support became invaluable one weekend when something went wrong on the network.  As 24 hours support was in place,  an out of hour’s call was made to MPR IT.  With the ability to remotely look at the network our engineer quickly identified that malware had in fact infiltrated the system, and he quickly made the decision to make his way to the site.

Within an hour of the initial call out the network on site had been shut down and all machines physically unplugged to avoid any further damage occurring.  This is key with any malware attack, the sooner the network is detached from the outside world the quicker it will stop from spreading.  Over the next few hours, the infected file was identified and removed whilst the remaining files were scanned.  The network is backed up on a regular basis,which is something we recommend to all our clients.  This meant that when restoring the network it was easy to revert to the most recent back up and limited data lost, especially as this occurred out of hours meaning that there had been limited access since the back up the previous evening.

What Canterbury Archaeological Trust have to say about MPR IT

Just a quick note to thank you and the team – and especially David and Mitch – for the fantastic response to the weekend viral attack on our computer systems, and for your sound advice in the first place which resulted in building such a resilient set-up. From your first response on Monday, which limited the damage, to the speedy and efficient disaster recovery, we could not have asked for more. Several of our staff have commented on their amazement at the speed with which you got us back up and running. Brilliant job, well done!

Personally, I can’t help contrasting it with what happened a few years back when the Raid Array blew, that really was a disaster. We’ve come a very long way since then, thanks to MPR-IT.

John Hammond

Commercial Operations Director

Canterbury Archaeological Trust

For more information on how we can support your business please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements.

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HP Notebook Battery Recall

by Nicki Dowsett in General, Helpdesk, HP Battery recall

Hewlett Packard Logo

Do you own a Hewlett Packard notebook or laptop? It has recently been announced by HP,  that a number of their batteries need to be recalled.  This is part of a worldwide project and follows an earlier recall notice in June 2016.  You are advised to to check your battery as a matter of urgency.  Even if you checked your battery last year you must still check again following the expansion of batteries being recalled.

If you have an affected battery you must stop using this IMMEDIATELY.  You can still use your notebook but you must connect your notebook to a main power source. Once logged with HP, you will be sent a replacement battery.

We also strongly advise that your files and documents held on your notebook are backed up in the event of the battery overheating.

Please see the HP page with details on how to check your battery.  You can either check this manually or you have the option to run a utility.exe to establish if you are affected.

Alternatively, for option B, you will need your notebook and battery serial number to input into the site.   You will need to switch off your device to obtain this information, please follow this link.

If you are still uncertain if you are affected by this please contact our help team as a matter of urgency 0800 030 20 30.


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Authorised Re-seller of Microsoft Surface

by Nicki Dowsett in General, IT Support, IT Systems, Microsoft, MPR, Surface, Windows 10

Pleased to announce MPR IT have been approved to be an authorised seller for Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Authorised Reseller

Microsoft Authorised Reseller

As with many of the Microsoft products, they will only recommend these are sold through authorised sellers and MPR IT are pleased to announce that following a lengthy process we are now accredited to re-sell the Surface line up. The new accreditation allows us to resell the full range of Microsoft Surface devices and accessories to new and existing customers. As one of the few companies in the South East with this accreditation you can rest assured that MPR IT are your first choice to discuss the options available in the Surface range. The Microsoft Authorised Device Reseller (ADR) program was created to empower partners to resell Surface devices to commercial customers as part of their overall customer solution offering.
Microsoft ADRs are an innovative partner ecosystem that sell Surface devices and accessories to commercial customers of all sizes.

The Surface is the new innovation in laptops.   Microsoft have designed the Surface to be used as either a tablet or laptop making this one of the most desirable pieces of equipment to have.

If you haven’t seen or heard of the Surface yet then you are missing out with versatility, performance, innovation and advanced technology as well as the expected functions of a normal laptop.

Laptop V Tablet

The Surface Laptop V Tablet


The Surface goes from laptop to tablet easily and simply, the Surface can work anywhere that your day takes you, connecting seamlessly to your other devices. With multiple ports and the very best digital pen experience, Surface will redefine what it means to be productive in the office, studio or café.


Each Surface is built with the power of a fully functioning laptop. Whether you’re taking notes in school with Surface 3, docking your Surface Pro 4 at your desk in the office, or sketching a graphic novel in your studio with Surface Book, you will have the power you need in your hands.

Innovation & Advanced Technology

Surface devices are meticulously crafted by Microsoft using the most advanced technology. PixelSense™ displays with image quality that rivals real life, incredibly powerful 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.  The Surface Pen makes each member of the Surface family into a category redefining device.


The Surface also offers you the opportunity to add a range of accessories to make your life even easier depending on how you wish to use it.  We are also able to offer you the option to add Surface pens and pen tips for the more creative people, docking stations for your desk, & a Blue tooth Mouse, additional power supply cables and of course protective cases.

We are so pleased to be able to finally sell the Surface range of devices. They are truly ground breaking and innovative. One device really can replace your Desktop PC, Laptop and Tablet in one swoop. I have personally been using a Surface Pro 3 for well over a year and cannot shout about how good it is enough. The Surface 4 and Surface Book take things to a new level with faster CPUs more memory and greater storage. The best single device on the market? I believe it is!!

Director, Andy Ransley

Contact us today to discuss any of your IT needs including the new Microsoft Surface.

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June Newsletter

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Welcome to our June newsletter.  Now that summer has arrived we are entering one of our busiest periods of the year.  For many of our customers this a quieter time for their own business; so this is when MPR IT are called upon for more complex projects.  If you are considering an office move, new servers or installation of wireless networks or anything else please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can complete the work in the time frame you require.

Happy 8th Birthday

We are excited to be celebrating our 8th Birthday here at MPR IT.  When Alex, Andy and Richard started this venture back in 2008 they set out to change the way that IT Support was delivered to clients throughout Kent and the South East.  Now 8 years later they can proudly say that this has been achieved and continue to look out they can continue to break the boundaries in supporting our customers.  Congratulations guys and Happy Birthday MPR IT.

Happy 8th Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday

Customer Feedback

For those of you that have contacted our help desk for support will know that we regularly carry out feedback surveys on work carried out by the team.  We are extremely proud to say that this feedback is extremely positive and our overage result over the last 6 months 4.84 out of 5.  Thank you to everyone that has completed the feedback survey our team are very pleased with the results, we are now clearly going to have to look at how we can push them even further to excel and get a full 5 out of 5.

Well done

Well done

Customer Security

MPR IT take security extremely seriously and with increased attempts of companies being victim to attacks, we have looked at ways to ensure we hold our customer data securely. With this in mind we would like to ensure our records are up to date of authorised employees at your business to provide certain information to, or that can authorise quotes for any additional work to be carried out. This also includes authorisation for password resets.  Our Customer Services rep, Nicki will be contacting each company in the next few weeks to complete an Authorised signatory form to ensure we have the correct information on our records.  We know that personnel and positions can change within our clients business and telling us of changes can be a low priority.  We would appreciate if you are contacted by Nicki if you can return the information to us as soon as possible so that we can keep your data correct and secure.

New Website

Our new website has now been launched which we have been working hard on for a few months now.  On the new page you will find case studies of many of the projects we have completed over the last 8 years.  Some of which we have been able to complete where larger organisations have said it is impossible.  Please head over to the new site and see the full range of projects we are able to work on to make your business more efficient in terms of technology.

MacMillan Cancer walk

As many of you know Richard is an avid walker in his spare time and has recently been enjoying his summer break by walking The Pennine Way.  This is no mean feat and is just over 250 miles in total.  In June he will be taking a short stroll in comparison and will be taking part in The South Coast walk from Brighton to Eastbourne approximately 26 miles in aid of Macmillan Cancer.  If you would like to support him in this worthwhile cause please head over to his Just Giving page  Many of you may have had sadly experience of a friend or loved one suffering from Cancer and this is a fantastic charity that help both those suffering and their families in hard times.

MacMillan South Coast Mighty Walk

Blogs & Social Media

News stories have been a bit slow of late, and so you may have noticed we have not posted as much on our social media and blogs.  We strongly believe that we only post worthwhile news stories and keep you up to date on information only that is of interest.  On our new website you can still find all our historic blogs including our latest one on Office 365 and how your business can benefit from cloud based storage. Please also make sure you follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for the most update posts.

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Wireless Networks your business

by Nicki Dowsett in General, IT Support, IT Systems, Wireless networks

Wireless networks

We all know that there is increasingly a huge demand for connections on the move.   Almost every device has wireless IP connectivity – mobile phones, tablets, cameras and even TVs. We have come to accept it the norm to have wireless connections in the home, for a wide range of devices.  Companies large and small are now beginning to require wireless networks in order for these devices to connect for shared resources, manageability and control.  As a home worker, having wireless network is essential for me. My laptop and IP phone are connected to the internet which means, I can work from anywhere in the home.  For office based staff having a wireless connection means that your staff can use more tools for the work day.  If you have meetings within the office, staff can bring tablets or laptops to any meeting room without the loss of connectivity, it also makes it easier for visitors to present any information with ease.

MPR IT Wireless network design and deployment services offer solutions that range from a simple access point to full coverage for a factory or outside area, allowing for stock control with wireless scanners and countless other scenarios. Using hardware solutions from the likes of Ubiquity, Cisco, Ruckus, LigoWave and many more, we are able to select the right hardware for your wireless network requirements.

We also plan, design and deploy full building coverage solutions for  hotels, motorway service areas, pubs and bars. Giving your customers reliable, fast and easy-to-access wireless really makes them feel valued and will ensure a return visit.  Our skilled and trained staff have the tools to correctly plan a wireless network deployment, setup controllers and maintain the setup thereafter.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Advantages of Wireless Networks

Small to Large Deployment, One Access Point to 150+
Customisable Portal Pages
Track User details
Collected Marketing Information
All Leading Brands installed and supported
Centralise Management
Offices, Hotels, Factories and more catered for

Case Study

MPR IT were recently contacted by a group of 12 hotels in London, with a 99% occupancy rating resulting in a lot of guests with a high demand for solid and reliable internet connectivity.  The hotels were all suffering from poor deployment, and none had any central management for wireless networks, with no way to track guests or provide hotel services via their free wireless internet.

The issues were clearly laid out to us at the start of the project –  “Make our hotels internet stable, fast, and importantly give our guests easy and reliable access to our wifi and give us back something we can use to gather data on our guests”

Many of the hotels were not on the latest generation of high speed FTTC service and were stuck on the traditional ADSL 2 lines, which had to be improved where possible without the cost of a leased line.

After an initial site visit,  MPR IT developed a package with known hardware that we could roll out to all the hotels, replacing the old unmanaged solutions as we went, and all sites now project a unified brand with a reliable and solid internet services to guests 24/7.  To the sites where internet bandwidth was an issue, multiple lines are load balanced allowing for a much smoother and rich user experience.

The outcome is a much improved service and guest complaints have stopped overnight about the internet and wireless.

The custom capture portal that is presented to guests delivers offers ad incentives when they sign in to the wireless portal, this has increased the direct bookings they are taking, cutting their costs to the booking agencies dramatically.

For more information on how MPR IT can help your business implement a wireless network please contact us for a consultation on 0800 030 20 30 or see our main wireless networks page.

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April Newsletter

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Welcome to our April newsletter, the main stories in the last month have all been about cybercrime and the Apple V FBI argument continues to roll on.  These are both subjects that are going to continue for many months to come.  Both will in many ways be important to us different ways.  See our social media pages for the many stories that we have been posting over the last few weeks.

It’s not long now till our first major event of the year.  MPR IT will be exhibiting at Kent Vision Live on stand 231.  Kent Vision Live is the South East’s premier B2B event, with over 3,000 visitors. This is the event to attend this year, and why not come along to see us. We will have 2 of our partners with us as well, Rainbow Global and Purdicom. Members of the technical team will be on hand to answer any questions you have about existing or new services and packages we offer.  You might even walk away with a little treat.  It is free to register and come along.

Blogs this month have been about cybercrime and hacking, this has been such a key subject we cannot reiterate enough how important it is for you to review your current security procedures in terms of networks and passwords.  It is not only business practices but also your own personal security you should be conscious, so many scams are taking place on social media and emails.  Please read our blogs for full details on recent news regarding attacks and how you can protect yourself. As an IT support business we are experiencing more and more customers that are affected by ransomware, cryptolocker and hacking.  We cannot reiterate enough how important it is to be aware of keeping your data secure.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

In addition to security we have also blogged about how MPR IT can support your business through office moves or refurbishment for cabling and new server cabinets.  Are you considering re-locating your office?  Or has it been quite some time since your existing cabling has been replaced.  With increased productivity and technology moving forward have you considered if the cabling needs to be replaced.  As with anything cabling only has a certain life span.  Or if your server cabinets look  untidy, have you considered the additional time that could be involved in rectifying any problem that may occur.  MPR IT with all their skills and knowledge can only fix a problem once they can find the issue and if your cabling is messy this will mean more time needs to be spent before they can get to the bottom of the problem.   See our blog for more information or our website for examples of work we have previously carried out.


MPR Helpdesk team have been extremely busy over the last month with over 800 tickets completed and achieving an average survey score of 4.8 out of 5.  Well done to the team and keep up the hard work.  The team have been experiencing an increase in calls regarding security issues so please read our blogs on our tips on how to keep ahead of the cyber criminals or if you have any concerns please contact the team and they will be happy to talk through with you how you can stay cyber safe.

The sales team have also been working hard and have secured a number of new customers over the last month, we would like to welcome all our new customers to MPR and we look forward to working with you.  The team are also planning for the event at Kent 20/20 in early May.  If you are going along to the event please make sure you come along to stand 231 and say hi to the team.

As you know we post many stories on our social media and we suggest you follow us on Facebook, Linkedin or twitter to keep up to date with the latest stories.  We also have a status update page on our website that is checked daily or sometime more often.  This page will tell you if we are aware of any known issues before you contact us, it will also be updated to social media.  Checking these resources will help you find out if there is a general issue on Email filtering, Office 365, DNS/Web hosting, AVG Cloudcare, Hosted wireless or connectivity/ ISP.

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Structured Cabling by MPR IT

by Nicki Dowsett in General, Server cabinet, Strcutured cabling

Structured Cabling by MPR IT.

Our engineers here at MPR IT, are experienced in all aspects of structured cabling installation through to switching/routing design and implementation. We can cater for anything from a handful of PCs to over 500 points across any number of floors or buildings.  Whether your employees are all in the same building but on different floors or even in separate buildings, MPR IT can look at the best ways to ensure your business is connected either through cabling or wireless connectivity.

Cabling covers a multitude of projects for us whether you are moving to a new office or to tidying up a server cabinet that looks like a spaghetti tin has exploded.  It is surprising how much simpler it is to solve an issue with servers when the cupboard is neat and tidy.


With cabling looking neat and tidy it can save hours of work and therefore extra £££’s on the invoice when your server is playing up.  The above photo shows how much work can be involved just before the issue can be resolved.  I know how annoyed I get just with the cables behind my TV unit, I would probably have a meltdown if something in my office looked like this before photo.  (Yes I admit to being a neat freak).

More complex projects that the team have worked on over the years include re-cabling offices, whether due to office move or refurbishment. (Including our own office right now).  Many new offices these days are open plan and so it is critical to ensure that floor points are put in strategically to make the best use of an office.  When a company is considering a new office or layout the engineers at MPR can offer consultation on how best to position cabling and power points before the flooring is chosen.   Even if it is a solid concrete floor we can get the project done for you.  No one likes to see cables across the floor especially your Health & Safety officer.  They can cause a trip hazard, as well as running the risk of being accidentally pulled out losing power to your PC.   Resulting in all your unsaved work being lost. See an example of work carried out by MPR IT.

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SQL Server 2005 – support ending

by Nicki Dowsett in General, Helpdesk, IT Support, SQL Server

From researching this subject there are many blogs, reviews and pages giving information on SQL Servers and the end of support.  As well as the many different options out there to replace the 2005 version.  Much of which washes over my head and confuses me more.  I am sure the same could be said for many people out there.  When I write our blogs, my aim is to make a subject simple and easy to understand.  Thankfully I am not at MPR for my tech expertise, I leave that to our helpdesk and engineers.  That’s their speciality, they have it down to a fine art of understanding and reviewing all products on the market.  So here is what I have learnt about SQL servers in normal simple terms that you & I will probably understand.

SQL server

Microsoft SQL server is a database server developed by the Microsoft Corporation back in the 90’s and has progressed as with many things over time with various new releases.  The time has now come that Microsoft will stop providing updates and support for this particular version, as with many of their older systems. We have previously experienced the end of support for various Windows operating systems, such as Windows 2003 server in July 2015.

In basic terms a SQL server is mainly used to fetch the data requested by any other software from the data stored in the server itself.  The software, which requests the data from the server, could be on the same computer or either could be located away on a different computer connected remotely via the internet.

Microsoft SQL 2005 a.k.a. Yukon was launched in October 2005 by the Microsoft Corporation.  At the time of its launch, it consisted of some advanced and extra features which the preceding version didn’t have. The same is for the new launch of any new product.  Since its launch there have been further versions released as time has gone on that have been more advanced and effective.

From 12 April 2016, if you are running the 2005 version you will no longer receive any security updates from Microsoft and so could be at risk to attack or loss of your data.  Microsoft are now recommending that you upgrade your SQL Server 2005 to either SQL Server 2014 or to Azure SQL Server to maintain security and compliance.

Our team at MPR can help you make the decision between all the options available based on your business needs and help to plan the upgrade and roll out to your business with minimal disruption.  There are many different variables to help make the choice between SQL servers, whether cloud based (Azure SQL Server) or on-site (SQL Server 2014) MPR will investigate which of the options are most suited to your business.  Additionally giving you the peace of mind that the upgrade has been carried out professionally along with any additional support you may require.

Please contact the team at MPR if you are running SQL Server 2005 or if you are unsure of the SQL Server version you are operating to discuss your options.

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December Newsletter

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Merry Christmas from the team at  MPR IT

Merry Christmas from all MPR IT


During the festive period the MPR IT team will be taking some well-earned rest.  The office will be closed from the afternoon Thursday 24th December 2015 until the morning of Monday 4th January 2016.  We will however arrange for support to be available throughout this time for those customers that have contract including out of hours support.  Please contact our hotline 0800 030 20 30 to be put through to the on-call engineer.


We have recently added a new page to our website, regarding service status on Email Filtering, Office 365, DNS/Web Hosting, AVG Cloud care, Hosted Wireless or Site Monitoring.  The page will be updated as and when required, as well as updating our Social media pages.  If you are experiencing any issues not listed on the page or would like further information regarding a listed issue please contact the helpdesk.


With many offices closing down or running with less staff over the Christmas period please follow our top tips to help keep your systems safe and secure over the holiday period.

  • Probably the most important thing you will ever do – BACK UP all your systems
  • Turn off any equipment that is not needed to avoid over heating
  • Ensure that any servers or IT equipment left on have plenty of ventilation
  • Make sure that passwords are not written down to avoid any unwanted access to your data
  • Ensure that all files and cabinets are locked securely
  • Check pipes and taps are protected in case of cold weather – no one wants to return to a flooded office
  • Ensure you have the MPR IT contact details in case of any IT emergency 0800 030 20 30
  • Do not open any Christmas greeting emails from unknown sources, in case of malicious emails/content.
  • Ensure you have a Disaster Management plan in place in case anything unfortunate happens or in the event of bad weather and staff cannot get back into the office after the festive period
  • Make sure your Anti-Virus is fully installed and up to date. MPR IT can guide you to the best options for your business.
  • A final reminder of the most important of all steps – BACK UP all of your data.


Many of our clients use MPR to host business web sites on the internet.  In order to do this MPR uses a number of different hosted DNS (Domain Name Server)/Nameservers. A DNS is effectively a phonebook for the internet, maintaining a directory of domain names and translates these to IP addresses.

When you request a site such as it will check the nameservers for the web address, and then grab the I.P (telephone number) behind the name and point you to the “property” the “telephone number” belongs too. (The property being the webserver). This is a brief explanation but DNS “records” are responsible for pointing your businesses email, website, servers etc. to the correct “telephone numbers” of your “property”.

We are able to lease space to our clients to store their web site and any data associated with it.  With the recent installation of a new DNS we are able to offer a more stable and resilient service to our clients, with improved failover, custom branded nameservers and various reporting utilities (on request). If you are interested in MPR being responsible for hosting your web site please contact us.


If like many businesses you are reaching the time that you need to review your IT budget – contact us to discuss your needs and how best to save money.   MPR IT can help you audit your existing IT equipment and identify any areas that require upgrade for the forthcoming year.  As we are not tied to any particular supplier we can ensure you get the best deal for your budget.  MPR IT can also offer support packages to help you budget through the year.  With our all-inclusive package you know exactly the amount you will be spending each month to ensure your IT is supported without any hidden or unexpected charges.  Please contact us to discuss your business needs. Or in the event you have reached the end of the financial year and have money in the budget you need to spend, MPR can review any areas that require any improvement to support you through the next year.


Last month a massive 640 tickets were closed by the help desk and November is on course to meet that again.

Our closed survey questionnaire has been updated with new questions, thanks to Gaby.  We are pleased to say that the survey responses have been fantastic, and we now are bringing awareness to our social media through them.  We currently achieving a standard response of 4.95 out of 5 for our assistance.  Well done to Tom and all the guys on the helpdesk for your great work.  If you have anything that you would like to discuss regarding the service you have received from MPR IT please do not hesitate to contact Gaby in Customer Service.

In addition to the daily calls we receive for support the team have also had a number of site visits and installations including:-

  • Construction company required installation of QNAP and new internet connection
  • Educational and Child services organisation installation of– 3 new pc’s and monitors
  • Locally based national company for senior services installation of cat 5 cabling and wireless link with antenna
  • Local automotive repair company – installation of Office 365 for all users


The Sales team have also been working hard in the last month, exhibiting at our last event of the year in Sandwich at the Kent Invicta Chamber B2B.  David has also been networking with a number of local businesses at various networking events and the local BNI group.

We are delighted to say that with the hard work from all the team has helped the Sales team to secure a number of new contracts in the last month, work at some of these has already been carried out by the Tech guys.  We would like to welcome to the MPR family all our new clients and we look forward to working with you.

  • Large car sales company based in the South East, providing daily support to 50 staff in addition to a complete system overhaul, installation of Office 365 and upgrade of all Microsoft Office platform
  • Multinational leisure and tourism business, providing improved and upgraded security for all people and vehicles entering the site.
  • Local building company have contact us for support, and we will shortly be visiting the site to review the full business needs


We are working hard to promote and improve the ranking for MPR IT on Google at the moment and the best promotion that we can ever get is from you – our clients.  We would therefore really appreciate if you can possibly spare a few moments to write a review on Google for us.  Simply enter MPR IT into the google search and it will list all matches and a chance to write a review.  If you could also add this to our Facebook page that would be amazing.

Additionally please ensure you follow us on social media and our blog page to make sure you are kept up to date on any news stories we feel that would be of interest to some if not all our clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and if you know of any colleagues that don’t receive our newsletter and would find this of interest please forward their details to us so we can add them to our database. If any of the news stories we have on our site may affect you please let us know or if you wish to discuss the services we currently provide to your business please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help


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7 Years Today – How time flys

by MPRAdmin in General

Happy Birthday To All at MPR

7 Years ago, MPR IT Solutions Limited was formed! How time has flown by, its hard to think how far we as an organisation have come.

We would like to thank all the Team here at MPR and our course all our customers, without all of you we would not be where we are today

Over the years we have grown and expanded but always stay true to the mission statement we set out with which is never to sacrifice our customer service levels for growth – We still aim to be the very best IT support company in Kent.

We look forward to many more years in business

So Happy Birthday MPR IT! To another 7 years!


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