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HP Notebook Battery Recall

by Nicki Dowsett in General, Helpdesk, HP Battery recall

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Do you own a Hewlett Packard notebook or laptop? It has recently been announced by HP,  that a number of their batteries need to be recalled.  This is part of a worldwide project and follows an earlier recall notice in June 2016.  You are advised to to check your battery as a matter of urgency.  Even if you checked your battery last year you must still check again following the expansion of batteries being recalled.

If you have an affected battery you must stop using this IMMEDIATELY.  You can still use your notebook but you must connect your notebook to a main power source. Once logged with HP, you will be sent a replacement battery.

We also strongly advise that your files and documents held on your notebook are backed up in the event of the battery overheating.

Please see the HP page with details on how to check your battery.  You can either check this manually or you have the option to run a utility.exe to establish if you are affected.

Alternatively, for option B, you will need your notebook and battery serial number to input into the site.   You will need to switch off your device to obtain this information, please follow this link.

If you are still uncertain if you are affected by this please contact our help team as a matter of urgency 0800 030 20 30.


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