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If you are moving to another office or would like a new computer connected to to existing network there are several things to consider before going ahead. There are two options to go hard wired or possibly install a Wireless link to your network. The hardwired method is definitely the more secure to stop people trying to use your network. If you are not sure that your wireless option is secure and your files are protected this method is the best way forward.  We can offer two options it is all down on how you manage your network and the cost is another option you should look at.

The pictures below are just an example of what we can do if you need someone to install this correctly and tidy. We can make sure that the trunking and cable is secure and also give you the option to have more expansion of your network points  depending  your configuration.  I would suggest having a chat to us about your move and what options are available.  We can make your office move as painless as possible if you need it done on the weekend we can be there to get you up and running as fast as possible. If you are looking to do it once and do it right  it makes sense of what you need to do.


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If you would like this work carried out in your office or new building please call us and we can take care of this part.

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