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Customer Service, You come first

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Customer service, always putting our clients first

We are often asked what measures we put in place to monitor and help to importantly, improve our customer service level. The use of a very sophisticated ERP system allows us to track, monitor and report on any client, including all conversations that we make from the start to finish. Our single system which is designed with IT support in mind, covers all aspects of managing your account, from CRM to Invoice.

For us that is not enough, so with a full 360 Feedback and monitoring on all aspects of our business, we at MPR IT are ensuring we are delivering the very best service we can, for as much of the time as possible. Like every business not every problem is solved in an instant, but with continual monitoring, we ensure that we learn and improve, so you our customers get a better service!

So what is 360 Feedback??



A quick answer is its a continual monitoring process of our work, we look at all aspects from the employee, their peers, supervisors and our customers directly.

Here are MPR IT we are using 360 feedback for both personal improvement and as a collective of the business.

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