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Dad UK Limited is part of the Decayeux group and has been established since 1996, with an office based in Kent to support the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. Dad UK is a leading distributor of mailboxes and is the UK’s only manufacturer of Certified secure post boxes. Dad UK approached MPR IT to support their business with our fully inclusive support package.  This was beneficial to them for budgeting purposes and also the secure knowledge that staff were able to contact us directly to discuss and resolve any IT issues as they arose.  Previously having had a support package based on hourly billing they were unable to predict the IT support budget on a monthly basis.

Project Solution

MPR IT and Dad UK held a review meeting to discuss the business needs and to understand the existing systems.  Once  full agreement and understanding were in place, the team at MPR IT worked closely with Dad UK to ensure a smooth migration to outsourced IT support.  The staff at Dad UK are now able to contact MPR at any time with the secure knowledge that a resolution can be made with any issue. Dad UK are now safe in the knowledge that their staff are fully supported and any IT issues are resolved quickly and efficiently without any interruption of their own daily role.  Additionally Dad UK can now budget effectively for their IT Support.

What Dad UK Say About MPR IT

Moving to a “Monthly Fixed Rate” support cost from a “Pay as you Use” scheme has improved our IT support structure in many ways.

Firstly, there are no hidden surprises at the end of the month with invoices.  We know what our bill will be and can budget accordingly, allowing us to invest in our IT infrastructure during the year.

Secondly, any of our employees can now contact the MPR support desk, which in turn, improves the reaction and solution speeds.

And lastly it has resulted in a closer working environment between all employees across our two companies making MPR a true partner.

Emmanuel Charbonnel