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Delay on Broadband Should Not Affect Businesses!

by MPRAdmin in Industry News

Why the delay on broadband should not affect businesses


The Government project to achieve super fast broadband is 2 years behind but this should not effect businesses!

Because BT prioritise residential areas due to larger up take of services many industrial and business parks will be the last to see a fast internet providing such as fiber.

When the Government released the Super Fast Broadband campaign many had hoped this would see internet in industrial areas improve and an end to poor service would be achieved by 2015.

Super Fast Broadband is a matter of opinion, although it may be a vast improvement to some the minimum speeds of 2mbps which was the target for this project is simply not enough for most businesses.

With the latest audit showing the project is 2 years behind schedule 2017 looks to be the earliest businesses could benefit from the £500 million investment.

What many businesses are unaware of is how many new options are available to them and although the cost may be more the services received are business grade and come with SLA’s and priority over standard offerings.


Cost Effective, EFM Leased Line Internet with Free Installation!

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) Provides you with a corporate level reliable and high speed internet service at an affordable cost. It is an ideal solution for businesses that need an enhanced internet performance with guaranteed bandwidth and SLA’s.

With speeds of up to 20mbs, if you already have a DSL service with high levels of contention you can achieve a 1:1 service with consistent speeds using EFM, but also with improved latency and service quality.


(Wireless) Business Class Internet Access

Our wireless internet services offers a fast, reliable and affordable service for SME’s.

We offer a tailored service that meets the requirements of both small business and larger enterprise organisations who require an enhanced service over the standard connections that are available and having a fast and reliable connection is essential.

With speeds of 5mbs-40mbs for both download and upload this can really enhance the productivity of businesses that currently face challenges with a limited service.


Business Fibre to the Cabinet

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) enables businesses to take advantage of a high speed, reliable internet connection that can vastly improve the productivity of your business.

Typical speeds using our FTTC are around 40Mbps download and up to 10Mbps.


To find out more about what options are available to you please call our office on 08000 30 20 30 or email


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