extend hours support

MPR IT Solutions support a variety of businesses that operate outside of our general office hours of 08.30 – 17.30, Monday to Friday.   Businesses operating longer hours include those in the manufacturing, hospitality, and leisure industries. With an increase in requests for additional support, we are pleased to announce that for those requiring support out of our general hours we are now able to offer a monthly add-on to extend support hours.  This is in addition to our usual monthly support contracts and is not automatically included.

Option 1

Extended hours support from 06.00 -22.00, seven days a week, with engineers available to answer calls and provide support for an additional monthly cost to an existing contract.

Option 2

As option 1,  ad-hoc support to existing customers that are unlikely to require out-of-hours support on a regular basis for an hourly rate.

Please note we continue to offer out-of-hours support for Business Critical situations where applicable. (Business Critical means loss that indirectly impacts a Mission Critical function, or directly impacts a business unit’s primary function.)

All of our out-of-hours support is provided on a best-effort basis and as with our day-to-day support, requests will be prioritised according to the nature of the support required.

If you would like more information on our extended hours’ additional service please contact our Sales team on 0800 030 20 30 or email us sales@mpr-it.co.uk