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Faulty or Slow Point to Point Wireless

by MPRAdmin in MPR IT Work

Faulty or Slow Point to Point Wireless

We were contacted this week by a very large local Kent company who are having issues with their Microwave Wireless Point to Point (PTP, P2P) wireless bridge. In this situation it was being used as a fall over backup to their fibre network.

The kit on site is over 8 years old and has recently stopped working, and the manufacture has long gone – This client have called us in to have a look to see if we can supply replacement parts or replace with a newer faster Wireless Point to Point (p2p) link.

Due to the age of the existing hardware finding replacement parts isn’t possible so we have quoted to upgrade their wireless bridge link from 100Mbps to either 700Mbps TDD (Half Duplex) for 1Gbps FD (Full Duplex) by using the latest Etherhaul Bridgekit hardware from Siklu. With a link length of about 2.5 miles and clear line of sight there are no reasons why a fast stable Wireless Bridge can’t be installed.

Our costs have been submitted so watch this space for a full write up







If your firm has a slow or faulty wireless Point to Point bridge and are not sure who to turn too. Give our team here at MPR IT in Kent a call for a no obligation chat on 0800 030 20 30

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