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Hosted Telephone Systems

Cost Effective Cloud Based Solutions for the SME

Looking to improve and streamline your communications across multiple offices or to a remote team? Do you need to create a professional first impression for your customers no matter the size of your business?  A hosted cloud based telephone system is the ideal solution.

A hosted telephone system brings the pinnacle in flexibility, with a minimal initial capital outlay, along with an easy to manage monthly subscription. Our hosted telephone system is popular amongst businesses of all sizes.

There is no loss of integration with onsite services such as a CRM application or Outlook contacts and caller details will automatically pop up when they’re on the phone.

Hosted Telephone Systems

A True Disaster Recovery Solution

If there ever comes a time you’re unable to access your offices or any other issue our hosted telephone systems gives that all-important back-up plan. In an instant you can switch to a pre-decided standby strategy so calls are re-routed to a number of your choice with business as usual, keeping customer relations intact.

On-Premise (PBX) Telephone Systems

Flexible Solution for Medium to Large Scale Organisations

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The users of the PBX can communicate internally (within their company) and externally (with the outside world), using different communication channels like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog.

A PBX also allows you to have more phones than physical phone lines (PTSN) and allows free calls between users. Additionally, it provides features like transfers, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus (IVRs) and call queues.

PBX Telephone Systems

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Why Choose MPR IT

MPR aim to provide effective and affordable business telephone systems that work with your business. Over the past few years the gap between IT and Telephony has been closing and we naturally found ourselves being asked to provide telephone systems to our customers.

Hosted Phone system Highlights

  • Auto Attendant
  • Conferencing
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Recording
  • Call Hold
  • Directory
  • Call Forwarding
  • Speed Dial
  • Redial
  • Remote Location
  • IT Integration