If you need broadband or fibre, we can get you set up – and the days of needing a telephone line are gone – we can do it wirelessly, meaning less kit and one less bill too.
We’ll find out exactly what you need now, but also a little into the future too, so that we can give you a service that can grow with you.
We look at leased lines, SOGEA, VOIP, bonded lines, fibre, FTTP, FTTC, 4G and Orbital – but don’t be bamboozled. If you love all that tech and geek speak like us, we can chat ‘til the cows come home, but if you just want to let us know what you need and the end result is that it just works, we’ll promise to put a lid on the jargon!


A good connection goes without saying – it’s vital to keep your business running and we know it, so we’ll get you the best connection using the technology we have.
There are many ways we can give you the best connection – and we can talk you through them all to help you decide which is best.


If you’re rural we can help too – the days of terrible connections and frequent drop-outs are gone; you can enjoy a countryside connection that keeps up with your business.


And if you have any problems, we can troubleshoot too. Sometimes, it’s just because a client has moved the router – they can be a bit like the old-fashioned TV aerials. We’re not saying you have to stand with your arm in the air for hours on end, just that once we plonk it down, it’s in a good spot so it needs to stay there. The same applies if you’re adding or taking away walls at your commercial premises or offices – these changes can upset your router and you’ll end up with poor connections and dead zones!


If you are planning an office or premises move and will need good connections, do talk to us to get our help with planning.
For example, it might be that the speed offered at your shiny new rented office is terrible – and not up to the job of what you need. But you might only find out when all the PCs are switched on and things grind to a halt.
We can do all of the testing before you sign on the dotted line to make sure that not only will it work for your workforce now, but also in the future if you’ve got a growth spurt coming up.

Ask us how we can get you connected and working at speed