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by Nicki Dowsett in Audit Reviews, IT Support, MPR, Password Security

Many new customers that join MPR IT require an IT Audit review – we can offer this to any company irrespective of you coming on board with MPR for full support.  For many businesses the new financial year is April and so now is the time to identify the needs of your business going forward.  We can help direct you to the most cost effective and efficient technology to suit your business needs.  An IT audit review has 3 aims:

  • Provide an objective and independent review of an organisations, policies, information systems and controls.
  • Provide reasonable assurance that appropriate and effective IT controls are in place.
  • Provide audit recommendations for both corrective actions and improvements to controls.

With technology and security changing so quickly, it is surprising how out dated your equipment can become and unable to cope with the daily demands of the current operating systems.  I have recently experienced this with my own hardware such as my Kindle and IPad.  Despite them both having up to date operating systems and only being approximately 4 years old, they are both increasingly becoming slow and unable to cope with some of the latest apps.  I was then faced with the minefield of different versions of Kindle and IPad to review and decide which suited mine and my family needs.  Did we need both now that the Kindle has advanced in terms of what it can be used for or could we manage with just one tablet.  As you can imagine in this day it is highly unlikely that one item will serve the family without constant squabbles as to who can use what and when.

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Office hardware is just as easily affected.  When you have an office with even just 5 members of staff it can become very expensive to renew all the hardware such as PC’s, printers and laptops all in one go and many businesses do not have the budget to replace these all at once.  Not to mention servers that store all of your important data.  Security is also changing so quickly to keep up with the ever increasing threat of hacking and new variations of viruses.  How do you decide which PC is the first to be updated – from my experience when working in large companies it was always the director that got the latest tech.  Very annoying for the poor admin person that is on an old PC that crashes every hour and spends more time in the day screaming at the computer than actually working.  Meanwhile the Director was at yet another lunch meeting and the brand new PC was collecting dust.  This means that your staff are not working efficiently and actually costing you more money than you might think.

It is surprising how many businesses are not aware of the most vital IT hardware in their office – for example if you are an internet based business such as an E-bay shop, it is actually your internet that is most vital.  If you cannot connect to the internet you cannot see your orders.  This could be viewed on a smart phone, tablet or PC.  So your PC is not necessarily the most vital piece of equipment.  Or if you are a printing firm – without the best printer you cannot satisfy your customers.  The list can go on but I am sure you get the picture.

MPR IT can offer IT audits for all companies, our trained and experienced team have knowledge of all the most up to date and efficient hardware and software available on the market.  One of our team can spend time to listen and understand the needs of the staff and identify where and when new hardware should be procured if necessary.  Today there are so many options for both hardware and software, we can help identify the most efficient options for your business.

MPR IT are completely independent of any one hardware supplier and so are able to offer you the best price on the equipment needed for your business. Our staff regularly review the latest tech on the market and so can offer an informed view of how your business can continue to run cost effectively without any hassle from outdated systems.  Please contact us if you would like to us to review and audit your companies’ IT equipment in advance of the new financial year, with the right information and direction we can assist your business in identifying where your IT budget is best spent to support you through the future.

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