Who do you call when your IT goes wrong?

It might be one company for your phone, one for your software, another for your cyber and maybe even one more for your back-up systems.
That’s a lot of chasing around when you just want things to work and could be costing you time and money while you find out.

And as an MPR IT customer, you can have it all in one place, here with us, which means that we understand your whole system and firefighting it can be quicker and easier.
If we could put it all in a gift box, we would.
In fact, we might.
It’s the best present you could buy your business.

If staff can’t work, productivity nosedives, operations grind to a halt and customers could be let down. Getting back up and running, fast, is what you need.
In a nutshell, we’re your outsourced IT desk when you don’t have one in-house, fixing the glitches, bringing your system back from the dead and reducing your window repair bills (it’s expensive when a laptop’s been thrown through one).

Talk to us

An MPR IT monthly support contract gives you:

  • Peace of mind that someone can help you if things aren’t running quite right
  • Instant support – 97% of our calls are closed within an hour
  • A speedy return to usual service
  • Support across your workforce, for any business size
  • Help where and when you need it (single location, multiple locations, remote / home)
  • Fixed prices – you’ll always know what you’re paying…no surprises.
  • A human – we can do ‘geek speak’ or we can talk in plain English – let us know which setting to select!

There’s more…

We’re a Microsoft partner, which means you can buy your licences from us, from just one, to multiple hundreds.
Also…if you need to add or remove people, we offer a monthly rolling contract, whereas Microsoft will set you up for the year and it can’t be changed.
It’s ideal for those inevitable variations in staffing levels going up or down through growth, shrinkage, or longer-term leave; maternity, for example.
Seasonal businesses also find it extremely useful to pay for what they need – more in their busy times and less in their quieter ones.

What does this mean?

Well firstly, you’ll pay the same price with us as you will with Microsoft, with the added bonus that if you need to speak to someone about a problem, issue or upgrade, you will speak to us rather than waiting in a global queue for them to get back to you.
We’ll know your system and be able to quickly and easily help you.

Knowing you have someone who can take care of any IT issues when they crop up is a huge relief to our clients who take a support contract.
They’re fast-tracked through to get them back up and running as soon as possible.
We gain authorised, remote access to take a look around and see what’s going on, then get to work to fix the problem and have them back to work asap.

We can:

  • Set your system up
  • Create access restrictions – to control data access
  • Verification systems – more secure, two or three-step login
  • Prevent USB plug-ins
  • Forbid downloads of certain or all software without permission


Now here’s a nifty thing – and it came in helpful when we all had to work at home suddenly.
We can, remotely, configure your fleet of PCs with the systems your workforce have in the office.
It takes about 30 mins – and saves a massive amount of down time and engineering time which… also saves you money!
It’s a great tool for setting up remote working, but also works in reverse, if a PC needs to be wiped; if it’s been lost, stolen or being held onto by an ex-employee perhaps.
Updates can also be done remotely, in the background, so gone are those annoying moments when the machine wants to update and restart – five minutes before you’ve got your big presentation!

Talk to us about what you do and how you do it and we’ll let you know how we can support you.
And we promise you won’t need to type our jargon into Google Translate to understand us! We love geek speak but we can tell you all about it in plain English too!