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MPR nor its customers panic (Let it Snow)

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Let it Snow!

While the “sorry we are closing” emails flood in and there is sheer panic from all other angles, the atmosphere remains extremely calm in the MPR office and here is why.

Some haunting statistics were circulated after the UK’s last bout of heavy snowfall. Small businesses were the worst affected, with 38% forced to close, 41% unable to remain fully-staffed and reported heavy financial losses. Snow frequently causes travel chaos in the UK, often rendering roads impassable and public transport useless. And while the office may be up and running, staff being unable to get in can mean that your business grinds to a halt.

No longer should businesses need to panic in the face or any disaster, weather warning or personal issue. There are a number of cost effective solutions that you can put in place that will allow your business to continue working even if members of staff are at home.

1. Mobility and Remote Working – Your staff can effectively communicate by redirecting your business telephone system when away from the office. IP Telephony enables users to work from home or another office with all the functionality of being at their desk. Staff can use their personal mobiles, home land-line phones, PC based softphones or clients for smart-phones and tablet PCs. This also offers enhanced service continuity in the event of a major outage or site incident.

2. Unified Communications – services including instant messaging, presence, collaboration and video provide staff with richer communications that can greatly aid productivity all year round. Remote working users really benefit from UC, with the ability to work more effectively with colleagues across the organisation, regardless of their location.

3. Desktop Virtualisation – this fast growing technology provides users with secure access to their business desktop environment, complete with e-mail, applications and files, from any location. Users can login any PC or tablet via the web and see exactly what they would if sat in the office. All data is held centrally in the provider’s Cloud, avoiding the security risks associated with staff using their own devices.

I am proud to say for MPR and its customers its business as usual!






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