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Multiple Hotels, One Managed Solution

Project Background

Thirteen Hotels covering London with an average 99% occupancy rating, creates a lot of guests, each with their own high demand for solid and reliable internet connectivity. The Hotels all suffered from poor deployment, and none had any central management. No way to track guests or provide hotel services via their free wireless internet.

The issues were clearly laid out: “Make our hotels internet stable, fast and most importantly give us back something we can use.”

The chain were spending over £1 million per year in online booking fees with the likes of, Expedia, Trivago etc; How can we assist in reducing these costs?

Many of the hotels were not on the latest generation of high speed FTTC service and were stuck on the traditional ADSL 2 lines, this had to be improved where possible without the cost of a leased line.

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Project Solution

MPR IT developed a package with known hardware that we could roll out to all the hotels, replacing the old unmanaged solutions as we went.

Ubiquity Wireless AC access points, Managed market leading switches and DrayTek routers all reporting back to our redundant hosted wireless controllers in our Datacentre. The use of POE hardware allows for a simple clean installation.

All sites now project a unified brand with a reliable and solid internet service to guests 24/7.

To the sites where internet bandwidth was an issue, multiple lines are load balanced allowing for a much smoother and rich user experience.

The outcome is perfect, guest complaints have stopped overnight about the internet and wireless provision.

The customised capture portal that is presented to guests delivers offers when they sign in to the wireless which has increased the direct bookings they are taking, cutting their costs to the booking agencies dramatically.