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Lync & Skype for Business

by Nicki Dowsett in Industry News


Lync has been re-branded to Skype for Business

Lync & Skype for Business

Lync has changed to Skype for Business. As a remote worker for MPR IT Solutions, I can sometimes feel distant from the office without daily communication with my colleagues, whilst it is nice to be in my own space and having the ability to get my tasks done without interruption, I have found that using Lync for Office 365 has given me the tool to communicate easily and simply with my colleagues.  Rather than sending an email to ask to a question of one my team, I can use Lync to send an instant message.  I use it regularly as if I was in the office and going to someone’s desk to ask them something quickly and personally unlike an email can that can get lost in a busy inbox.  Lync tells me if someone is available to chat or if they are away from the office or away from their desk and they can do the same for me.  Lync is so easy to use and its simple lay out means you can get to grips with it without training, very similar to other IM tools.

Last week I logged on to my laptop and went to fire up Lync to see that it had changed to Skype for business, my first thought was uh oh what’s changed it worked perfectly before why the need to change something that isn’t broken.  Imagine how pleased I was to see that nothing has changed.  The functionality is all the same it appears to be a simple re-branding at present.  Though I am sure as with all technology new ideas and functions will be added in time. It looks & feels exactly the same, and basically the same as Skype we have been using for many years on a personal level.

Every week we have a team meeting, my team in the office and myself on teleconference.  With the help of Lync (now Skype) we can have a video call.  I can join the meeting as if I was in the office, however it does mean I must at least look presentable! (One of the advantages of home working, no one knows that you are sat in your onsie drinking tea as long as the work gets done.)  The video and on-line meeting function means that I can see exactly what my team are seeing, so if we are reviewing a spreadsheet on a PC, they can share the screen with me and I can relate to everything.  We can also add notes to the meeting so rather than emailing me the agenda it can be added to the screen and so I can keep fully up to date with everything.  Plus any meeting can be recorded, really helpful if you need to keep for future reference or if you want to create a training session for team members or clients.

In my previous role, I would have regular client meetings for training or to discuss contracts, we used a programme called Go To Meeting, how I wish we had had this tool then, it would have been so much simpler and less hassle to communicate on a more personal level with my clients, many of which were all round the UK.  Skype for business offers a working tool that anyone can use without the need to get software installed on individual PC’’s.  Being in the business of IT we can relate to some companies not liking lots of software being added on to a PC.

Skype for business  is a communication service part of Office 365, connecting people anywhere, any time with instant messaging, video calls and on-line meetings.  Companies that use Skype for business on-line can control the services they offer to users, without the hassle of on-site software issues.  With Skype you can allow your employees to connect with both colleagues and customers easily and simply.  Offering IM, video calling, screen sharing, and on-line meeting notes, Skype is an asset to any business.  Not only can you communicate easily in-house but also with your clients, meaning that you can have on-line meetings from anywhere in the world, at any time.  Reducing your carbon foot print and valuable travel time that could be used more efficiently. As Skype for business is linked to Office 365, I can easily link to my emails and calendar without switching to many screens, as well as being able to view my daily meetings & calendar quickly at a glance.  Not only is it available on your PC or laptop – you can also download the Lync app( this has yet to be re-branded) to your smart phone or tablet along side the other Office 365 apps including email, word & excel or Power Point.  Now you really can work from anywhere in the world any time without being tied to a desk.


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