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Malvern St James Wireless

Point to Multi Point Wireless Bridges

Project Brief

Malvern St James is a leading Boarding and Day School for girls aged 4-18. The founders of Lawnside, The Abbey, Malvern Girls’ College and St James’s School were all young women who saw education as the key factor for opening opportunities to the girls of their times. The proud history of this school dates back to the 1870’s, during the 2nd World War, radar was developed in Malvern and the Royal Radar Establishment (now QinetiQ) remained after the war.

The school were looking for help to connect their buildings together. They required help in providing a streamlined solution as opposed to their existing set up. The ADSL VPN technology already installed was not working for them and their 400+ students required a much better connectivity within the classrooms and in halls to assist in their studies.

The school initially approached three companies, including MPR IT, to potentially run this project. Of the three companies asked, the first company advised that it was not possible following a week-long survey period. The second company, (an extremely well-known telecom company) also surveyed for this project and advised this could only be completed with a costly installation of Fibre connection.


Project Solution

MPR IT carried out a short survey across the multiple sites around the town and advised that this was indeed possible with the use of wireless hardware, much more cost effective than fibre and easy to install. The actual installation took a matter of hours and using our Wireless hardware we could obtain a strong and fast 300 mbps bi-directional connection to each of the 4 targets around the town.

Now, a fully installed VoIP phone system has also been rolled out and is in full operation along with sharing the main schools’ sites 100 mbps leased line internet connection.