No system should be left without protection against viruses – they very quickly take down your operations and put your data at risk of being breached, with potential financial and reputational fall-out.

There is a whole range of products out there, from free to very high end, but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for!
If you leave your front door open, you stand a higher chance of something going wrong – it’s the same with your online security. It’s a virtual door, but if you leave it wide open, you’re asking for trouble.

We mainly use two products – Webroot is like the Waitrose of protection and is perfectly suitable for most businesses we support.
SOPHOS is the Fortnum & Mason equivalent – for businesses who need absolute peace of mind and lose sleep over security issues, because the fallout will be huge for them.

Security lapses can be costly – fines, loss of customers, damaging to reputation and revenue or shares can nosedive.

We don’t want that, so we work with you to ensure your business has the right level of protection that’s required.
Cyber crime is sophisticated, it’s meant to trick us – but software can help us to fend it off.

We get to know our clients to see what they need, talk about budget and requirements, provide it and then monitor it to make sure it’s still the best option.
Regular reviews and testing is necessary to ensure you’ve got the best security against viruses and business disruption.

Talk to us if you’re not sure if you’re protected enough want to understand more or need a review or upgrade.

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