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Microsoft have bought Nokia for £4.6bn

by MPRAdmin in Industry News


There has been big news today in the Technology world, as reported by The Wall Street Journal and BBC News Microsoft has put together a deal to buy Nokia for the sun of £4.6bn or $7.2bn!

The deal is set to complete in the early part of 2014 with all of Nokia’s 32,000 employees will transfer over to Microsoft, further increasing their hold over the IT market.

So what does this mean for business?

Its well-known that Microsoft has never had a strong share of the mobile and tablet market, what with Apples iPhone and iPad and the various Android devices out selling Microsoft and Nokia up to as much as 1 in 5!

Microsoft having a strong hardware platform that is in house, should give Microsoft the spring board it needs to claw back vital market share in the demanding and growing market place. I would not bet against it that’s for sure.

We all know that mobile devices are changing the way in which we not only work, but live our lives. Being connected to work networks, email and social media are things we all now take for granted, and its only set to smoother with far superior integration and ease of use.

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