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MPR IT Become Siklu Accredited

by MPRAdmin in General

Siklu Wireless

As part of MPR IT continued training and development scheme, we have recently put our senior engineers through Siklu certification for their range of long range Wireless (Wi-Fi) products.

Siklu manufacture a large range of Microwave and Millimeter gigabit point-to-point link products utlisling the E-band (70/80 Ghz) and V-band (60 Ghz) radio frequencies.

1200FLarge_2MPR IT utilise these Silku products for our solutions in any market such as:

  • Small Cell Backhaul
  • LTE/LTE A Backhaul
  • WiFi Backhaul
  • Business Broadband Connectivity
  • Wireless Security Networks
  • Enterprise and campus Connectivity

Why did MPR IT choose Siklu as one of our technology partners?

When we are looking for high grade enterprise equipment that fits with the SME budget, having a rich feature set was imperative. With class leading innovation, Silku are always ahead of the curve.

  • High Bandwidth Wireless Ethernet Transport – Always have enough bandwidth
  • E-Band – The Next Generation of Wireless Backhaul Spectrum – Stay out of congested frequencies
  • Low Attenuation – Less susceptible to weather influence, 99.999% link quality over a few miles!

If you want to find out more information on how MPR IT can help your business with a wireless link just give us a call.


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