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Office 365 for Android Users

by Nicki Dowsett in Industry News


Office is now available on all devices including Android

Office 365 for Android Users

Hooray for Android Users, Microsoft have recently announced that they are launching Office 365 for android devices.

Microsoft have previously only had apps on Apple ipad and iphone, however they have now launched apps for the Android market.  This OWA app means that Android owners can now also take full advantage of the features available and gain access to new exchange features including those announced at a recent conference.  For those that don’t know OWA allows access to email, calendars and contact features within Office 365, smoothly synced together.

Many emails are now viewed initially on the phone, with many people on the go, it is therefore of great importance to businesses to ensure that their employees can be kept up to date.

Microsoft first launched this app on the ipad and iphone last year, and this is the next step in the world of communication.  All users can now benefit from the close links to Office 365 to view word, excel or power point documents on their phone or tablet, these can also be edited without the need to log on to a PC/laptop.  The perfect tool for the busy employee who spends a lot of time on the road or running to meetings.    Whilst you need separate apps to Word, Excel and Powerpoint you can easily view a document that has been shared with you via email.

With any Microsoft you can expect new features and regular updates.  One of the new features on the OWA app is codenamed clutter, which promises to separate important emails from junk that often fills your inbox.  This is not to be confused with junk mail.  The average employee will also get emails from friends and family or relating to a personal matter, these will be identified and separated out from business emails, allowing important emails not to be missed.  Who likes to open an email inbox with 200 emails when actually only 50 need to be read and dealt with prior to checking out your mums photos!  This is likely to be renamed at the time of launch however you get the idea.   Several other features are due to be launched in due course and we will keep you updated as they are announced.

Microsoft are clearly listening to the business world and working hard to produce tools to make the work day less stressful, however it does mean that you can’t run and hide away as you can now no longer say sorry I have been in meetings all day and not seen the finance report.

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