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Office 365 and flexible working

by Nicki Dowsett in MPR, Office 365

Office 365 – allowing flexible working approach in the modern day

Having spent most of my working life in an office environment with onsite servers and personal PC’s and shared drives, I now work from home on a laptop with little option for back up.  When I first took on this role at MPR IT I was little concerned as to how I would connect easily with the office and what would happen if my laptop died on me.  I had taken a break from my career for 2 years after having my son and so had lost touch with some of the new ways that software and technology had moved on in what I thought was a relatively short period of time.  When the team almost laughed at me hysterically I was a little surprised – “Office 365 Nicki, it’s so simple even you can use it.”  Charming I thought.  So 2 years later working with MPR IT, I have no worries at all about how safe my documents and emails are should my laptop decided it has had enough, and whether I am working at home or visiting the office I have access to all my documents and emails with ease.  I can easily share a file with a colleague, and they can edit the document as required without having to email it back and forth, same as when I was office based with shared drives on the servers.  I can also share documents with a customer should the need arise.  When sharing files the recipient will only have access to the information I allow and not all my files.

No matter where I am in the world (though the days of travelling are pretty limited now), as long as I have access to the internet I can access all my files and emails by simply logging on Office 365 website.  In the couple of years that I took out it seems the whole style of working for many organisations has changed and become a lot more flexible.  We no longer need to be in the office and at a PC, we can use our phones, tablets and laptops wherever we are even on a train with WiFi.  It means no more working late in the office because you have been out at meetings all day, with Office 365, you can log in and catch up at a location more convenient to your needs.

Office 365 is a cloud based service, so depending on your business needs there is no need for large servers taking up valuable office space.  The data is stored off site at a data centre or “in the cloud” and you are safe in the knowledge that everything is secure and easily accessible for you.

Office 365 and a flexible working approach

Office 365 and a flexible working approach

Please see our Office 365 web page for for full details, case studies and a guideline of some of the package prices we can offer, however MPR IT can offer a wide range of options.  Whether you are a sole trader or a large corporation we will discuss your needs and priorities, and ensure you have the package that suits your requirements. Migration from your current set up is simple and can be timed to ensure minimal disruption for your business, with no loss of historical data and the knowledge that our team are highly experienced in this field you too will soon be able to access your documents from your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere with an internet connection.



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