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Point to Point Wireless Bridge Continued!

by MPRAdmin in MPR IT Work

Point to Point Wireless Bridge Project

Since bringing Point to Point Wireless bridge technology to the attention of businesses in Kent a few weeks ago the response has been fantastic.

Cognitive Media a multi award winning animation studio based in Folkestone immediately saw the potential enhanced functionality this could bring.

As the company expanded and out grew the initial office space the need for an offsite studio became imperative.

Luckily the perfect building became available across the street but concerns mounted when they realised sending files from the studio back to the main office building would be painfully slow, and because digging under the road to install fibre cable is prohibited options seemed limited.

After seeing the blog about point to point wireless Cognitive Media contacted MPR to see if this was a viable option. After an initial site survey it quickly became clear that the distance was well within reach, there was a clear line of site between the two buildings and because this would only be a one off cost its was greatly more cost effective and much faster than having another line installed.

MPR was able to install the wireless bridge over a 2 day period and now there is a connection with speeds up to 150Mbps super fast when compared to the 10Mbps a new line would of achieved.

The simple solution and one off cost means Cognitive Media’s two offices are now connected and sending large files is a breeze.

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