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Point to Point Wireless (PtP)

A faster and cheaper leased line or fibre alternative

MPR IT installs only the leading point to point wireless bridging solutions that are on the market today. With our in-house engineers trained in Ligowave, Siklu, SIAE, Ubiquity, Ruckus, Deliberant and many more we are able to not only design, but install and support your Point to Point (PtP) and Point to Multi-Point (PtMP) requirements. We are fully OFCOM registered and can provide both non-licensed and fully licensed range solutions. From 5ghz to Microwave High performance long range point to point wireless bridges we can project your existing connection to areas with no traditional cable coverage or other buildings and sites within a 20 mile radius.

Using this method eliminates the heavy costs of the delays and disruption with laying fibre, leasing lines or installing cables. With blistering speeds that can range from 230Mbps to 4Gbps, you can be assured you will have wireless connectivity with unparalleled performance and reliability.

Working with the market leaders in this technology MPR IT can offer flexible and importantly, cost effective solutions. An initial survey is the most important part when designing a wireless network. Using the latest industry tools and techniques to map out the coverage and capacity of the area leave you with peace of mind that the money invested will return the level of service expected.

Experienced wireless network installers work with you to minimise disruption to your business.

For a final satisfaction guarantee a post installation survey is completed so we can check all your requirements have been reached.

To find out how long range wireless can help you please email or call our friendly office team on FREEPHONE 0800 030 20 30

Wireless Point to Point Highlights

Advantages of Wireless PtP
  • Lower Latency
  • Reliability
  • Installation Time
  • Upgrade Ability
  • Link Speeds – 230 mbps – 4Gbps +
  • Link Distance of up to 20 miles
  • Dependability
  • Line of Sight
  • Non-Line of Sight
  • Cheaper than Fibre
  • Maintenance
  • Leased line alternative

Link Stats

Visual Stats
Link Uptime99%
Link Failures0%

Current Live Links

Long Range Wireless

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