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Register your .UK domain name today

by Nicki Dowsett in Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Websites

Register your .uk Domain Name Today

Many businesses today have an online presence, without one your business can go unnoticed. When a potential customer is looking for a new supplier or product the first place they will turn is most likely the internet.

It is becoming increasingly commonplace to register a variety of different domain names for websites such as:, .uk, .com, .net and .co. Whilst you only need one website to promote your business, it is possible to have more than one domain name directed to that website. There are many reasons for this, the most common reason being the ability to secure your brand. By owning the different variations it means that no one else can buy these and create fake platforms. This can prove detrimental to your business profile.

With the registration of a variety of domain names you not only help to avoid scams but also increase your online presence.  You are more likely to appear higher in searches if you have more options for your website to redirect to, ensuring any potential customers looking for your company can find it more easily.

In addition to registering domain names, MPR IT Solutions offers a variety of services for all your IT needs including domain registration and web site hosting packages, this gives you added peace of mind that all your Technical needs can be supported in one place, with no need to contact several companies to identify where any issue may lie.

Did you know that if your company has a UK domain name such as or you could be entitled to registration of the equivalent .uk domain name at no additional cost for the first year? When the .uk extension was released, new domains were reserved for the equivalent UK domains; this means that for every UK domain you own (,, etc.), there’s a .uk domain reserved. Time is running out to register your interest in .uk domains before they become publicly available to anyone after 10th June 2019. In addition to your existing domain as your primary web address there are several reasons as to why you should register a .uk alongside your current UK domain.

Securing your brand

By registering a .uk web address, you get the peace of mind that your brand is secure across multiple domains, while increasing your online presence overall. A .uk domain is also shorter, more memorable and easier to share – ideal for a redirect or parking page.

Stop typos

Registering the .uk version and having it redirect to your main website ensures you don’t lose customers if they mistype your domain extension by accident.

Brand protection

Although your .uk domains are reserved for now after 10th June 2019 they will become publicly available. This means someone else could register a domain very similar to yours, and impersonate your website, possibly leading to scams.

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