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Warehouse Wireless and Point to Point Wireless

Project Brief

Warehouse Wireless

Based in Paddock Wood, Kent, and established in 1985, Rego Autoparts is synonymous with high-quality re-manufactured steering components. The Lenco brand carried by the owners of Rego Autoparts has been trading since the 1970’s.

Specialising in supply to large distributors who in turn service buying groups, wholesalers and garages, Lenco has an extensive range of reconditioned stock in mainland Europe enabling supply of orders quickly and efficiently.

MPR IT were contacted by ReGo as they were experiencing some difficulties with handheld scanners within the warehouse.  They have a large warehouse, (13,000 sq ft),  with high metal racks that contain stock.  Every day a member of staff needs to scan all the items in the warehouse with a handheld scanner, due to the size, this is carried out on a forklift, to ensure the stock levels are correct.  This was becoming time consuming as the scanner would lose connection to the network in certain parts or blackspots in the warehouse.   They would then have to spend time finding somewhere in the warehouse to reconnect the scanner to the network.  An additional problem was the internet connection in the warehouse was only 2mgb compared to the main office where the data would be sent back to which was at 10mgb.

Lenco Re-Go


After an initial site survey, including a heat survey to establish the hot spots within the warehouse, MPR IT evaluated the options available and we were then able to tailor the solution to ensure all aspects would be improved.  An internal mesh of wifi access points across the warehouse, this would eradicate any blackspots and would mean that the scanner would not lose connectivity at certain points around the warehouse.  A point to point wireless network has also been installed on the roof of the warehouse, to allow the network in the warehouse to be connected directly to the main office building for internet connection.  This has meant that instead of 2mgb it also now has 10 mgb speed on the lease line in the warehouse additionally speeding up the stock check.

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