Fire drills are held at premises across the land, but what about cyber drills?

Scams, hacks and security breaches are getting more sophisticated by the day, and with the recent surge in digital use, our move into cyber space has been accelerated.

The hackers are keeping one step ahead of our digital progression, so it’s important for businesses to do what they can to know what to look for in a scam.

We can give training, but also run drills, to send spoof hacks into your system that won’t do any damage of course, but will test your staff and resilience to attack.

Can we get past your staff – do they know what they’re looking for in a scam? We can do the test to identify their training areas, provide the training, then run future tests to ensure they are always alert to scams.

It’s a safe way to test what can go wrong when you’re hacked or cyber attacked, and will give you an idea of how safe your humans and systems are.

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