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All Aspects of IT from RSMs to Factory Floor

Project Brief

SICO® is the leading worldwide manufacturer of mobile folding space efficient products that help you maximise your space.

The detailed engineering and superior manufacturing that goes into every SICO® product is supported by a strong warranty programme and excellent customer service.

From their extensive range of mobile folding tables to their portable dance floors and easy to use mobile folding stages, they offer a host of innovative products that offer the same ingenuity and quality that so many of their customers have come to expect from SICO Europe Ltd.

IT Support

MPR IT have been providing support and IT guidance to Sico for over 7 years now. From Servers installation, Factory Wireless solutions, Regional Sales Manager remote working through to website hosting and day to day help desk duties.

Our team have installed cabling, Boardroom AV and much more into Sico during this time.

Sico Tables

What Sico Europe Say About MPR IT

I have been working with MPR-IT over the last 7 years nearly and I think we relate to your clients situation directly:

I am the FD at Sico, and when we initially instructed MPR IT we had a full time in-house IT Manager supporting our servers and IT needs. MPR IT directly worked with this staff member for many years. By working closely alongside MPR IT provided any support and offered invaluable non-biased advice to overcome a number if IT issues we had on site such as an instability with our Key ERP system Winman. MPR was able to work with the creators of Winman and overcame these issues in an effective manner.

In recent years Tim (the old IT manager) has left our organisation and I have taken over the role of the IT systems and now work directly with MPR IT. They carry out all forms of IT from general day to day support, right up to cabling and server desktop rollout. I work closely with key members of MPR such as Jason and Andy to create a clear budget plan that fits our requirements – I am always keen to not over spend where I don’t have too, but also understand the importance of IT and the reliance we have on it. We won’t just replace hardware, there has to be a business case behind any decision.

Mike Bundock
Finance Director