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Manufacturing & Related Services Event

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Manufacturing and related services event

MPR IT Solutions LTD continued to further their commitment to local Kent businesses by hosting an event in Sittingbourne.

The event designed to bring Manufacturing business together and encourage collaboration was a huge success.  With guest speakers Local MP – Gordon Henderson, Manufacturing advisory service – Mark Knowlton and Partnership Working – Deb Sen there was huge value in the room. The event was 100% free to attend and sponsors Hacker Young LLP allowed everyone to enjoy a free buffet lunch.

After a warm relaxed entrance attendees were encouraged to engage in conversation and find out more about each other’s businesses. This generated a fantastic atmosphere before a beautiful buffet lunch was served.

MPR opened proceedings with a brief overview on how they can improve the productivity and profitability of manufacturing business. Marrying pure IT with business logic can provided tangible benefits. MPR focuses on delivering robust IT infrastructures which support the critical nature of manufacturing systems. A strong methodology enables results to be delivered every time.

Deb Sen then captured the audience with a very informative talk on how Partnership Working can increase sales typically by 20% in just 12 months. If a company needs to reduce costs there are also a number of solutions available, working with a national chain of cost management franchises who can guarantee savings on overheads.

As Gordon Henderson took centre stage there was a sense of anticipation in the room. With so much uncertainty surrounding the future of our economy Gordon quickly put everyone’s minds at rest.  With unemployment continuing to reduce and new businesses moving into the area the future seems bright. Being passionate about collaboration, confirmation of a Business employment event which is free to attend in Sittingbourne in September sounded like a real must for businesses. One thing that is clear Gordon Henderson is very approachable and willing to listen to any business issues and will do everything in his power to help.

Finally Mark Knowlton really excited everyone by highlighting the grants available to the manufacturing industry. Knowing there is accessible help for businesses can make a huge difference and help push the industry forward. This can also have a knock on affect for other businesses in the area and can only be a real positive.

Things came to a conclusion with a final coming together of business in the room and further relationship building took place. It was clear most businesses had ways of collaborating and helping each other grow. Already there is evidence of business being done between attendees and this is what the event wanted to achieve.

MPR have a real passion for business in Kent and not only aim to be this community’s point of contact regarding any technology issues, but also plan to host many more events to push business for everyone forward.

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