System back-up is all about ensuring your data is saved and not lost in the event of an IT disaster.

We help with:

  • Business recovery – getting you back to work as fast as possible; we know that time is money
  • Business Continuity Planning – planning how to work if a systems disaster has struck
  • Disaster recovery planning – planning how to come back from a systems disaster quickly, easily and with minimal losses to operations, finances and reputation

It’s vital for businesses and many just don’t know what’s backed up, or what’s not, until something happens and it’s at risk.
We put contingency plans in place, so that you don’t have to worry about losing anything or everything in the event of a systems failure.

VoIP phones

One of these is our hosted, VoIP phones – they operate from the cloud so you’ll still be connected, able to speak with staff, suppliers and customers.
We also take a step back from that too, to work out where the risks are – and unfortunately, your business’s weakest firewall is your humans.

Scams are meant to trick us!

Cyber scamming is clever, it looks real, it’s supposed to trick us and sometimes it does, but we can train your staff to have a keener eye to the detail that cyber scammers use to get past us with ransomware, malware and viruses.
We can run simulations – a fake cyber attack to take your business through what would happen in a real life situation.

Cyber attack can be harmful to both finances and reputation:

  • An average of 17 working days are lost if your business is cyber attacked
  • 70% of companies will be hit by cyber security in the next year
  • Your business partners and peers may lose trust in you
  • You may be fined for any data breaches if your security wasn’t robust enough
  • You may lose contracts for lack of security
  • You might lose credibility in your industry
  • You might wish you’d spent more time and budget on your cyber security to avoid the fallout

We work by the 3-2-1 back-up rule:

  • Keep at least 3 copies of your data
  • Store 2 back-up copies on different storage media
  • Store 1 version off-site

We create a roadmap of what happens if systems go down – so that we can predict the consequences of the failure and build in resistance to come back from it quickly and with minimal data loss or interruption.

We approach it like an investigation, finding out what you do, how you use your IT, what data you have and then create suitable back-up for you to meet your requirements.

We’ll explain what you have and how it works, so that you have peace of mind if systems fail – your immediate thought won’t be about how much data you’re losing; it will be how quickly you can get back up and running.

Back-up plan assessment – shall we check you have it all in place?