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SQL Server 2005 – support ending

by Nicki Dowsett in General, Helpdesk, IT Support, SQL Server

From researching this subject there are many blogs, reviews and pages giving information on SQL Servers and the end of support.  As well as the many different options out there to replace the 2005 version.  Much of which washes over my head and confuses me more.  I am sure the same could be said for many people out there.  When I write our blogs, my aim is to make a subject simple and easy to understand.  Thankfully I am not at MPR for my tech expertise, I leave that to our helpdesk and engineers.  That’s their speciality, they have it down to a fine art of understanding and reviewing all products on the market.  So here is what I have learnt about SQL servers in normal simple terms that you & I will probably understand.

SQL server

Microsoft SQL server is a database server developed by the Microsoft Corporation back in the 90’s and has progressed as with many things over time with various new releases.  The time has now come that Microsoft will stop providing updates and support for this particular version, as with many of their older systems. We have previously experienced the end of support for various Windows operating systems, such as Windows 2003 server in July 2015.

In basic terms a SQL server is mainly used to fetch the data requested by any other software from the data stored in the server itself.  The software, which requests the data from the server, could be on the same computer or either could be located away on a different computer connected remotely via the internet.

Microsoft SQL 2005 a.k.a. Yukon was launched in October 2005 by the Microsoft Corporation.  At the time of its launch, it consisted of some advanced and extra features which the preceding version didn’t have. The same is for the new launch of any new product.  Since its launch there have been further versions released as time has gone on that have been more advanced and effective.

From 12 April 2016, if you are running the 2005 version you will no longer receive any security updates from Microsoft and so could be at risk to attack or loss of your data.  Microsoft are now recommending that you upgrade your SQL Server 2005 to either SQL Server 2014 or to Azure SQL Server to maintain security and compliance.

Our team at MPR can help you make the decision between all the options available based on your business needs and help to plan the upgrade and roll out to your business with minimal disruption.  There are many different variables to help make the choice between SQL servers, whether cloud based (Azure SQL Server) or on-site (SQL Server 2014) MPR will investigate which of the options are most suited to your business.  Additionally giving you the peace of mind that the upgrade has been carried out professionally along with any additional support you may require.

Please contact the team at MPR if you are running SQL Server 2005 or if you are unsure of the SQL Server version you are operating to discuss your options.

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by Nicki Dowsett in Newsletter, Uncategorized


Welcome to the November edition of the MPR IT newsletter.  The last two months  have been extremely busy here in the MPR office, we have been out and about busy with installations at a number of client sites as well as continuing to support our clients via the helpdesk.  We thank you for your continued support and hope this edition of our newsletter will give you some insight of what we have been up to.  You will notice we have developed a new format for the newsletter and would welcome any feedback on this new look.


Help desk support

Help desk support

Following our very successful month in September closing 581 tickets, October has continued to be busy with 693 with a 1st response rate of 91%.  For those you that have contacted the helpdesk you will be aware that we ask for your feedback on the ticket and our overall average score is 4.8 out 5.  This feedback helps us to identify and improve any areas that require looking at.

Taking into consideration the increase in activity on the helpdesk over the last couple of months and due to the additional clients joining the MPR family, we have now employed a new member to the team – Mitch Wright.  This now brings the team to a total 5 members on the helpdesk.  In addition to the daily calls we receive for support the team have also had a number of site visits and installations including:-

A national company that’s locally based recently contacted us to install a wireless link within their offices. This has been successfully implemented and they are pleased with the result.

Following a review on an existing network infrastructure at an existing and long standing client, we are currently renewing the network which covers to 2 sites and is linked by wireless connection.

Leased managed lines have been installed at to 2 of our larger existing clients providing them with the secure knowledge that in addition to PC support we are also the first point of call for phone systems

A local engineering company has been supported with the installation of a new the installation of a new ERP (Enterprise re-source planning) software solution called Winman


North Kent B2B

North Kent B2B

David & Gaby exhibited at the Brands Hatch B2B organised by Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce during October, as sponsors of many of the events it was a pleasure to be part of the North Kent event.  It was a busy day networking with potential clients and also meeting existing clients.  The last event of 2015 took place in Sandwich on 4th November and this was another busy day, we believe in not only being in the office but also getting out to meet clients is one of the best ways to deliver the best service to all our clients.

As well as the exhibits, all of the team – Andy, David, Gaby and Nicki have been working hard on supporting our clients with a number of visits to site to discuss the service we offer and gathering feedback.  We have had a busy month securing a number of new clients to join MPR IT, and work is currently being carried out by the tech team to audit, install and support these.  More information on these will be in next month’s newsletter.

Gaby and Nicki are currently working hard to ensure that our database is in tip top shape so that we have all the correct information on our clients and their employees, over the coming weeks you should be contacted to re-confirm all the information we hold is correct.



Bill Van Doorn – Tech Team

One of our newest members of the team, Bill joined us in the summer to work and support the Tech team.  He joined the team after knowing Lewis for many years. Originally from Holland, Bill moved to the UK to join the team.  Starting his career in IT in Holland, when the industry changed in the early 2000’s he decided to leave IT and became a chef working his way up from Sous chef to Head chef in various restaurants with expertise in classic French and Italian cooking.  After 10 years in the profession he was not enjoying it as much as he had been and decided to get back into IT, so he packed up, left everything behind and moved to Ashford to start a new chapter in his life.

Bill is a very busy person outside of his work life and is also a music producer and has co-founded his production company.  He also is very interested in on-line gaming, and still loves to cook for friends and family.

Since joining MPR IT he has taken on the role on the Tech helpdesk and is also responsible for our stock room due to his great organisational skills.  He also continues to further his knowledge in IT studying in his spare time and is pleased to have made the move to work within the team – which he says are great group to work with and have made him feel very welcome.


Recently there have been a couple of issues we felt important to alert our customers to as a matter of urgency and have issued emails to all users on our database.

Following feedback from customers, we have now made the decision that should any such issues arise in the future, we will initially notify our customers by email, however all further updates relating to the issue will be found on our social media pages.  This will enable clients that are interested in a particular issue to keep up to date – without causing any frustration with additional emails to customers that are not interested.

Gaby in Customer Services has recently completed a NVQ course on Social media for Business.  One of her main tasks here at MPR is to keep our social media up to date with news stories from the IT industry.  We have now reached 500+ followers on Twitter – please follow us to keep up to date with news stories daily.

Please ensure you follow us on social media and our blog page to make sure you are kept up to date on any news stories we feel that would be of interest to some if not all our clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and if you know of any colleagues that don’t receive our newsletter and would find this of interest please forward their details to us so we can add them to our database. If any of the news stories we have on our site may affect you please let us know or if you wish to discuss the services we currently provide to your business please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help

Telephone: 0800 030 20 30



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Geerings of Ashford join MPR IT Solutions for IT Support

by MPRAdmin in New customer

A Warm welcome to Geerings of Ashford

MPR IT Solutions are pleased to announce that Geerings of Ashford have joined MPR for a fully inclusive support package for all their IT needs.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish them a warm welcome.


What are MPR IT Providing

Geerings  have recently looked to MPR IT to help with their IT systems following continued expansion and re-investments within the business.   Following a consultation and review of the business needs, it has been agreed that  MPR will be supporting Geerings by looking at technology such as Sever Visualisation, large SQL implementations, Office 365 migration, Salesforce SAAS, and deployment of large scale Multi-site data and VoIP networks.

About Geerings

Geerings is a local company with a prestigious history of over 100 years within the Ashford and Kent area.  When Walter Geering established the company in 1903, it was founded on timeless principles which remain as important to the business today as they have always been.  Walter Geering was committed to caring about his customers and his staff.  He was honest, paid promptly and had a keen eye for a good deal.  As the business grew he kept up to date and continued to plough the profits back into the business to further its development.  Since then the company has grown through careful acquisition and developed specialist expertise in a variety of separate but related fields.Today Geerings is a modern, multi faceted business serving customers across a variety of sectors throughout the UK and overseas.

Four generations and over 100 years on, the principles of Walter Geering still form the basis on which the company is run. All their activities are united by a common commitment to innovation and service established by their founder and maintained through successive generations of family management.  Geerings has since its inception, been a trusted and reliable supplier of office equipment, now providing printers, copiers as well as flexible printing software solutions.

MPR IT are very extremely proud to be associated with the prestigious Geerings group and look forward to many years of working together building a strong business relationship.

If you would like to discuss the services we can offer your business please do not hesitate to contact us, for a free, no obligation consultation.

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