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Strong Branding and robust Wireless access

Project Brief

The Enterprise foundation is a charity organisation offering share and short term office rental to other charities and small organisations throughout the UK.

MPR IT were asked to look at providing high speed secure wireless internet to both their full time residences and also guests.

Tracking visitors and being able to restrict their viewing and bandwidth was also very important along with a strong branding.

Another key area to consider was that this solution needed to be scalable both in terms of physical site size and the amount of sites covered.

The Enterprise Foundation

Project Solution

MPR IT took this task on and delivered! Using our hosted servers and Ubiquity APs with managed switches and routers along with our hosted wireless capture portal we were able to deliver a small single office building to a multi floor enterprise zone.

All centrally managed from our support desk in the South East we have full control and visibility of each site, users and connected devices, and network usage all day every day.

With a simple rollout adding new centres is quick easy and cost effective to the foundation whist never sacrificing their offering to their customers.