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Underfloor Cabling – Not a problem

by MPRAdmin in MPR IT Work

Underfloor Cabling – All done in house

We are often asked to flood wire new offices, and most of the time clients do not want cables on show. For us that is a challenge we gladly accept and get the tools out and install underfloor cabling.

For this Dover based shipping company in Kent, when moving in they wanted to have desks away from the wall but cables hidden – Underfloor cabling is the best way. This new office had solid concrete floors so we had to run in new channels directly into the floor, install the CAT6 cable ways then re-skin before fitting down the carpets.

All this was finished off with a small cabinet hidden away in a discrete space – the result was an office that looked cable and clutter free.

Underfloor Cabling

Underfloor Cabling

Underfloor Cabling



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