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Upgrading your PC

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So it is time to upgrade or your machine has failed. So what do you do go for a bargain laptop or get quality advice on the machine you need.  It would be nice to buy a basic machine and it does everything you need. We have come across this time after time where we go into premises after they have bought cheap machines only to find out that it was not fit for their purpose.

We look at your current applications you use and find out what exactly you would like to use this for. if you are looking for a cheap computer, you will find 6 months down the track that it will no longer be a great buy.  We understand networks, computers and more importantly people  and how they use their machines on a day to day basis. We look at the whole picture and can point out problem areas that you might need advice or solutions for. When it come down to computers it is like cars or sofa’s, you need to know what it is going to be used for and how good it is for you before deciding on a cheap machine that will not fill all your needs. We all do not go and buy the cheapest car to drive we look at features and budget.

So when you come to look at replacing an old machine or buying a new computer, please do not go to places like pc world or your local computer shop. Talk to us about your needs and we will advise you on  a machine that will do the job and last the distance for you and your company. For help and advice and to find out more please contact us on 08000302030 option 2

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