Sometimes, you need to get your wireless connections from one building to the other and while it does sound simple enough, a few things can hinder the project.
Trees are one – when they grow, they can get in the way of the signal!
Buildings are another, but as they usually stay still and don’t grow, we can work around them much more easily.

We’ve been doing this stuff for years and have pretty much seen every problem crop up – which means we know how to solve them if they come up in your project.


We’ll design what you need, taking into account the size of the buildings, distance between them, number of users, and how you need it to work.
If we need to register a big user with Ofcom, we can do that too – nothing for you to worry about.

We start with a survey, then design and build from there; simple systems, right up to very complicated ones.
You’ll only need one internet system – because we can link each building to the same one. We’ve seen a few where they’ve got a bill for each building – we don’t do stuff like that.

Temporary solutions

We mostly work on permanent connections, but can also help with interim or temporary situations too, like the school we piggy-backed the internet from at a neighbouring school while they had some building work carried out.
We also look for tall buildings to rig our equipment to, so churches come in handy – and in return, often get a free connection as part of the package!

Speak to us if you’re looking to improve your existing connection, are moving premises and need to link multiple sites, need a temporary solution or want to upgrade your current system.

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