You’ve got everyone in one building, so how do you get a connection to them all?
How do you provide your café customers with a good connection and speed without it going down or being hogged by a super-user? (You know, the ones who buy one coffee and stay for three hours!)

We can help you to build the infrastructure needed to make what you need, possible, giving you all the wireless connections and speed required to run productive operations.

We can:

  • Give you a good connection
  • Set caps on upload / download limits (to stop the hoggers who slow it all down!)
  • Ensure even coverage and get rid of those dreaded dead zones
  • Create seamless connection as people move around or change devices
  • Make sure that your connection can handle the traffic (i.e a sports arena will need to handle more than a school)
  • Troubleshoot – get to the bottom of why connection or speed has changed
  • Help you to reconfigure and redesign your system if you’re re-jigging (for example, a hotel being refurbished…any layout design with walls being knocked down or put up needs to have the internet set-up looked at too.)

Moving? Expanding? Want a better connection?
Speak to us about how we can help to make it a smooth process.

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