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Wireless Network Installation and Configuration

There is huge demand for connections on the move. Almost every device has wireless IP connectivity – mobile phones, tablets, cameras and even TVs. Companies large and small require wireless networks in order for these devices to connect for shared resources, manageability and control.

This is most apparent in the Education sector:


A recent OFSTED report on the Importance of ICT in Schools found that although there has been a significant investment by schools in ICT there is still room for improvement and better equipment and resources could lead to better attainment levels.

The easiest way to resolve the issue of ICT availability in class rooms is to implement a wireless network, enabling pupils to use laptops and handheld devices to connect to the school network. This is something OFSTED feels is a sensible solution. “Many secondary schools and some primary schools have attempted to solve this by installing wireless networks, making laptop computers available in other subject areas.”

Ofsted Wireless Networks

MPR IT Wireless network design and deployment services offer solutions that range from a simple access point to full coverage for a factory or outside area, allowing for stock control with wireless scanners and countless other scenarios. Using hardware solutions from the likes of Ubiquity, Cisco, Ruckus, LigoWave and many more, we are able to select the right hardware for your wireless network requirements.

We also plan, design and deploy full building coverage solutions for hotels, motorway service areas, pubs and bars. Giving your customers reliable, fast and easy-to-access wireless really makes them feel valued and will ensure a return visit.

Our skilled and trained staff have the tools to correctly plan a wireless network deployment, setup controllers and maintain the setup thereafter.

Wireless LAN Highlights

Advantages of Wireless Networks
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  • Small to Large Deployment, One Access Point to 150+
  • Customisable Portal Pages
  • Track User Details
  • Collected Marketing Information
  • All Leading Brands Installed and Supported
  • Centralised Management
  • Education, Offices, Hotels, Factories and More Catered For
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