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MPR IT was born following the vision of three Kent based IT experts and engineers (Alex Mendes, Richard Procter & Andy Ransley). With their extensive experience of working in IT for many years, they were driven by the belief that the way IT support was being delivered by so many businesses; with poor time scales, sub-contracting, outsourcing, non-customer focused, was generally a poor service.  They believed there must be another, better way. Talking about their vast experience and brainstorming what they could do to change how IT services are delivered, they came up with the idea that would change IT support for the better and take away the complications and ridiculous charges from businesses. The main aim and idea was “to never sacrifice our high level of customer service for growth, we hope and believe that through good customer service our business will become the market leader in Kent.” MPR IT Solutions Limited was subsequently born.

Since 2008 MPR IT has quickly secured a strong position in what is a highly competitive market. Our success and reputation has been built upon giving honest impartial advice and consultation, excellent customer service, bringing value for money and showing a good return on investment. As you will see from our case studies our clients agree.

Information Technology is a powerful business tool. The right solution and support can help your business achieve its objectives. Through our own knowledge and experience, and by partnering with major industry manufacturers and service providers, we are able to plan, source, install, monitor and manage computer hardware, software and network systems. This will maximise your benefit from IT and gain a competitive edge both now and in your future.

MPR IT is extremely proud to have been awarded the South UK Regional Chamber Of Commerce Excellence in business award for Commitment to People, and continues to strive to achieve everything set out in its original plan.

We would like to thank all the people who have supported us over the past  years, and we promise not only to continue but further our commitment to the people around us.

Providing high quality IT support in Kent, London, Sussex and the South East is something we are very passionate about and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our services to benefit you.

Why Choose MPR IT

A few compelling reasons

The benefits of outsourcing IT of course are variable, dependent upon the nature and situation of the business. However, the following is a list of common reasons why our customers use MPR IT:

  • Lower Costs Due to Economies of Scale
  • In-House Staff Have the Ability to Concentrate on Core Functions
  • Specific Supplier Benefits eg. Better Security, Continuity
  • Higher Quality Service Due to Focus MPR IT
  • Improved Internal Management Disciplines Resulting from the Exercise Itself
  • Less Dependency upon Internal Resources
  • Control of Budget
  • Faster Setup of the Function or Service
  • Lower On-Going Investment Required in Internal Infrastructure
  • Greater Ability to Control Delivery Dates
  • Lack of Internal Expertise
  • Increase Flexibility to Meet Changing Business Conditions
  • Purchase of Industry Best Practice
  • Improve Risk Management
  • Acquire Innovative Ideas
  • Increase Commitment and Energy in Non-Core Areas
  • Gain Market Access and Business Opportunities Through the Supplier’s Network