What are the benefits of having email signature software?

The email signature replaces high-quality headed paper, with a clear indication of any certification or affiliations that might apply to a business or individual. Traditionally letterheaded paper would set out the tone and image of the company and give the recipient a clear impression of your business.

An email signature is an important element of any professional email, as it adds a personal touch and helps to create a more professional impression. It not only adds a level of professionalism to your emails, but it also provides a way for the recipient to learn more about you.

Why choose MPR IT Solutions?

MPR IT Solutions is proud to partner with Exclaimer Email Solutions. Based in the UK, Exclaimer provides multi-award-winning on-premise and cloud-based email signature solutions to over 75 million users worldwide.

Exclaimer’s range of email management solutions makes designing and controlling your organisation’s email signatures easy and ensures that you are fully compliant and following a few simple guidelines:

Showcasing contact information – An email signature provides a quick and easy way to provide contact information. This makes it easier for the recipient to contact you with any questions or inquiries they have after receiving the email.

Increasing brand recognition – An email signature can also help to increase brand recognition. By including the company logo and other branded information, you’re ensuring that the recipient is aware of who you are and the company you represent.

Adding a personal touch – An email signature also creates a more personal touch to your emails, as you can include personal information such as your name, title and a short bio. This helps to create a more personal connection with the recipient and show them that you’re not just a faceless email address.

Comply with legislation – When sending business emails, it’s essential to include legal email disclaimers. Depending on your geographic region, there might be certain items of information that must be included. In the UK, for example, your Legal Disclaimer must include your VAT Number, Company Registration number, and address. While this information isn’t legally binding, it’s important to include it – otherwise, in certain cases, you may be fined.

Highlight your credibility – Are you proud of individual or business awards, certifications, and partnerships? Showcase these in your signature. This will help build credibility without needing to draw attention to it.

Connect on social media – Include links to your social media pages, so recipients can easily connect with you.

Email Marketing – Your email signature is an effective, cost-efficient marketing tool. Use it to promote new products, events, or special offers.

Collect reviews – Place a survey question at the end of your email signature, such as ‘How would you rate your experience?’. This will help you identify areas where you can improve.

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Exclaimer for G-Suite and Microsoft 365

Our product is compatible with a range of email clients, including G Suite and Microsoft 365. This makes it easy to manage your company-wide signature, without having to worry about compatibility. We also provide customer support and a wide range of features, so you can get the most out of your emails, including demonstrating signature design and how to manage the admin side of the software.

Images in email signatures

Image blocking is a common occurrence in many email clients. You can tell when an image has been blocked when you see a box with a red x in the corner. Security, email size, and spam identification issues are the main reasons for image blocking.

Because of image blocking, it is essential to make sure your signature, including any legal disclaimers, is not an image. This will ensure that your company is compliant with the legal requirements and that your message is received as intended.

Email Signature on the go

As technology advancements continue to grow, many of us now use our mobile and tablet devices to read and respond to work-related emails. It’s important to note that even in this digital age, standard disclaimers are still legally required in order to be compliant. An email signature ending with ‘sent by iPhone’ simply indicates that the message was sent from a phone rather than a computer, and can actually cause issues down the line.

Centrally Managed Email Signature

Email signature manager is a great way to keep everyone in your business on the same page. Our product simplifies the whole process, allowing you to create and manage a centralised email signature, across all devices and platforms. This means everyone in your business will have the same consistent email signature, no matter how many changes are made. All of this can lead to inconsistencies and delays, which is why our product is the perfect solution.

Your email signature is more than just a sign-off at the end of the message.

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