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At MPR IT, we have the expertise to help you integrate Microsoft Teams with your business phone system routing through a single platform for all your communication needs. Microsoft Teams Voice gives your business a reliable, integrated, and secure telephony solution, making it easier for your team to stay connected, even when on the move.

Teams bring its end users simplified, enterprise-grade calling with all the traditional telephone system functionality, all wrapped up in a software interface ALL your team is now used to. Allowing you to bring simple Voice, Video, and chat collaboration to all your team, clients, and supply network. From any teams enabled device, from any location!

Microsoft Voice Teams

Microsoft Voice Teams

Hybrid Hosted Voice – Allowing even more flexibility with Voice into Teams with a hosted VoIP setup for even more flexibility in creating a hybrid telephony solution

Simplified Telecoms – Bring all your Telecom operations into one single solution for all your internal and external communication demands

PCI-compliant call recording – Make sure all your conversations and meetings are secure with our PCI-compliant call recording, Teams can support all your compliance needs

Reduced costs and increased ROI – Free internal calls, fantastic calling plans, and no need for any onsite hardware, Voice to Teams are one of the lowest-cost Telecoms systems on the market today!

Fully managed Deployment and management – MPR takes away all your headaches, we can design, deploy, and fully support your Voice in Teams solution

Future proof your business – modernise your team and remove the worry for your business with the forthcoming retirement of ISDN fixed line telephony in 2025

Application programming interface (API) – Easily integrate Voice into your existing business applications with api’s.

At MPR IT, we help you get ready for the future of telecommunications with Hosted Telephone/VoIP solutions that offer a range of features to improve communication and collaboration within your organisation. Our team of experts can help you integrate Microsoft Teams with your existing telephone system to provide a comprehensive, secure, and reliable telephony solution. Microsoft Teams Voice offers HD voice and video calling, virtual meetings, and secure messaging, making it easier for your team to stay connected, no matter where they are on phones or mobile.

Voice For Teams

Voice For Teams

Hosted VoIP and Teams Hybrid

MPR IT can design and set up our Hosted Voice solution with full integration to Microsoft Teams via our Hybrid Gateway solution, Voice for Teams. This brings even greater efficiencies and productivity, with one platform for all your business communication and collaboration needs but with the traditional feel for users who want a desktop telephone, while others want the feature-rich environment of Teams. One number, all devices!

For even more flexibility, our Hybrid Hosted Voice solution allows you to bring together all your telecommunications operations into one unified platform. Our PCI-compliant call recording system ensures that all your conversations and meetings remain secure and compliant, while our fantastic calling plans and lack of onsite hardware help to reduce costs and maximize ROI. And, with our fully managed deployment and management services, you can rest assured that your Voice in Teams solution is in safe hands. With the upcoming retirement of ISDN Fixed Line Telephony in 2025, make sure your business is prepared for the future with our Voice in Teams solutions. Finally, our application programming interface (API) allows you to integrate Voice into your existing business systems with ease, so you can get the most out of your communication solutions.


Teams Phone Hardware

Teams Phone Hardware

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams Voice provides a number of benefits, including the ability to make and receive direct calls with one click, international calling at competitive rates, conference calls with up to 250 people, and the ability to switch between devices with the same number. Teams Voice also offers enhanced security features, including end-to-end encryption, fraud detection, and the flexibility to use a wide variety of phones and devices.

MPR IT Solutions for your Microsoft Licencing

As an authorised Microsoft Partner, MPR IT Solutions can provide all the Microsoft licensing for your Voice in Teams solution. Our team of dedicated experts can help you find the best licensing solution for your business, and our knowledgeable staff can offer support and advice for all your Microsoft Teams Voice needs. Microsoft Teams Voice is integrated with your Microsoft 365 account, giving you access to the same email contacts and calendar, and allowing you to utilise existing Teams apps such as SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive. This makes collaboration with your team easier than ever. Plus, with the ability to integrate with existing phone systems, you can keep costs low and maintain consistent service for all users.

For more information on how MPR IT can guide your business through migration to Microsoft Teams Voice, reach out to us today.

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