If you’re looking for a new website, or want to renew your existing domain name with a more local and personal company, we can take care of that for you.

What’s a domain for?

Your domain name is like your house address – all of your IT is registered to it and the wider systems use it like you would redirect your post…sending it all to the most current address!
Your domain is linked to your website, emails and server, so it’s absolutely vital to have all of these running smoothly together.
We’ll register your website under all domains so that no one else can take it (.co / .com .uk etc)
We can also host your website too, which means that you can have both the name and where your website lives, with us.


What you also need is security – to a level required by your company, usually dictated by the amount of, or type of data you hold. The more confidential, sensitive or financial it is, the more security you will need.


It also needs to be renewed, so that your domain remains secure, but also so that others can’t buy your name…it could be costly to either buy it back or redirect and rebrand!
We make sure it’s renewed at the right time so this doesn’t become a costly risk to your business.

Web development

As your business grows, you may want your website to do more – and we can help with that too. We have some fantastic web developers we work with who can take care of the upgrades and development, working alongside us to keep it all safe and secure.

Talk to us when your renewal comes up, if you’re starting a new venture or it’s time for your website to grow!

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