Support Contract

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having reliable and efficient IT support is crucial for the smooth operation of any organisation. DAD UK Limited, a leading distributor of mailboxes and the UK’s only manufacturer of Certified secure post boxes, recognised the need for a robust IT support system to enhance their business operations. This case study outlines how DAD UK partnered with MPR IT Solutions to revolutionise its IT support contract and streamline its business processes.


DAD UK Limited, a part of the Decayeux group, has been a reputable player in the industry since 1996. With an office in Kent, they cater to the needs of the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Before engaging with MPR IT, DAD UK relied on an IT support package that operated on hourly billing. This approach made it challenging for them to predict their monthly IT support budget, leading to financial uncertainty and hindered growth.

Challenges Faced

DAD UK faced several challenges with its existing IT support model. The unpredictable costs associated with hourly billing, coupled with the inability to forecast their IT support budget, posed significant obstacles to their business planning. Moreover, limited accessibility to IT support staff resulted in delayed resolution of critical IT issues, causing disruptions in their daily operations.

Solution Provided by MPR IT

Recognising the unique needs of DAD UK, MPR IT Solutions proposed a fully inclusive support package to address their challenges. The MPR IT team conducted a thorough review of DAD UK’s business requirements and existing IT systems. With a clear understanding of their needs, MPR IT worked closely with DAD UK to seamlessly transition to outsourced IT support.

The comprehensive IT support contract offered by MPR IT allowed DAD UK to have full access to its IT support team. This ensured that any IT issues could be resolved promptly, minimising downtime and disruptions to their operations. The new support structure provided a sense of security for DAD UK, knowing that their staff had a reliable and efficient IT support system in place.

Benefits and Results

The partnership between DAD UK and MPR IT Solutions has yielded significant benefits for DAD UK. Firstly, the transition from hourly billing to a monthly fixed-rate support cost has provided DAD UK with financial stability and predictability. They can now effectively budget for their IT support, allowing them to allocate resources towards enhancing their IT infrastructure throughout the year.

Secondly, the accessibility and responsiveness of the MPR IT support desk have greatly improved the reaction and solution speeds for DAD UK’s IT issues. Any employee can now easily reach out to the support team, enabling faster resolution of problems and minimising any impact on daily operations.

Lastly, the collaboration between DAD UK and MPR IT has fostered a closer working relationship. MPR IT is not just a service provider but a true partner to DAD UK. This close partnership has resulted in better communication and collaboration between the employees of both companies, leading to a more cohesive and efficient work environment.


Emmanuel Charbonnel, Director of DAD UK, shares his positive experience with MPR IT Solutions: “Moving to a ‘Monthly Fixed Rate’ support cost from a ‘Pay as you Use’ scheme has improved our IT support structure in many ways. Firstly, there are no hidden surprises at the end of the month with invoices. We know what our bill will be and can budget accordingly, allowing us to invest in our IT infrastructure during the year. Secondly, any of our employees can now contact the MPR support desk, which in turn, improves the reaction and solution speeds. And lastly, it has resulted in a closer working environment between all employees across our two companies, making MPR a true partner.”


DAD UK’s decision to partner with MPR IT Solutions for their IT support needs has proven to be a transformative step for their business. With a fully inclusive support contract, DAD UK now enjoys financial stability, enhanced accessibility to IT support, and improved reaction and solution speeds. The partnership between DAD UK and MPR IT Solutions has created a close working relationship, facilitating better collaboration and efficiency within the organisation. If your company is seeking tailored IT solutions to meet your specific business needs, consider the success story of DAD UK and MPR IT Solutions as a testament to the value of a reliable and efficient IT support system.