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London Ashford Airport, also known as Lydd Airport, is an airport located in Kent, South East England. It serves as a transportation hub for various airlines and is utilised by companies such as Bristow, The Border Force, The Coastguard, and others. The airport recently underwent a phone system upgrade, which involved the implementation of 3CX-hosted VoIP phones.

This upgrade aimed to improve efficiency and cost savings for the airport, but also to optimise its communication processes, increase productivity, and ensure that calls were handled efficiently, freeing up key staff members to focus on their core responsibilities.


London Ashford Airport, a valued customer of MPR IT for many years, encountered a significant challenge with its outdated and expensive phone system. The arrival of a new Finance Controller shed light on the exorbitant cost of over £1.5k per month for a poorly implemented PBX solution that failed to meet the airport’s requirements, which had been implemented through a separate telecommunications company.

Realising the need for a more efficient and cost-effective system, the Finance Controller proactively engaged with MPR IT to investigate alternative options and find a tailored solution that would address the airport’s specific needs.


After careful consideration, London Ashford Airport made the strategic decision to replace its outdated PBX phone system with 3CX-hosted VoIP phones. This choice was driven by several key factors:

  1. Familiarity and ease of use of the 3CX system for a smooth transition.
  2. The flexibility of 3CX enables tailored solutions for efficient collaboration.
  3. Enhanced productivity and streamlined communication with flexible work options.
  4. Effective call routing minimises impact on staff and improves customer service.
  5. Advanced features like voicemail enhance communication capabilities.
  6. Dynamic call routing optimises communication processes, minimizing wait times.
  7. Mobile apps and softphone functionality enable productivity on the go. Overall, the upgrade to 3CX-hosted VoIP phones has significantly improved communication, collaboration, mobility, and functionality at London Ashford Airport.

Efficiency and Savings with 3CX Hosted VoIP Phones

  • Cost-effective solution compared to previous provider
  • Ability to use mobile apps and different types of phones
  • Substantial savings that pay for the entire project within 1 year
  • Improved network security and continuity with modern equipment
  • The cloud-based system ensures uninterrupted communication during power and internet outages

Improved Communication and Enhanced Productivity

The phone system upgrade at London Ashford Airport involved strategic deployment of various hardware components to establish a reliable and efficient communication infrastructure. This hardware installation resulted in improved security, seamless business communications, increased network speed, enhanced emergency response capabilities, and expanded coverage and mobility throughout the airport premises.

  • Enhanced security with the installation of a Watchguard Firewall, providing robust protection for telephony and SIP communications.
  • Implemented three 48-port PoE switches for seamless and unified business communications across the airport’s main offices.
  • Improved network speed, resulting in faster and more efficient data transfer for increased productivity.
  • Installed a dedicated 24-port PoE switch and HP Aruba wireless access points at the fire station for reliable and secure wireless connectivity during emergencies.
  • Facilitated efficient collaboration and communication among emergency responders at the fire station, enhancing overall safety and security.
  • Met the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority by providing a backup line for uninterrupted communication and supported up to 11 fax machines on-site with an analog VoIP converter.
  • Deployed Yealink T46 phones in the main offices for advanced features and functionality in unified business communications.
  • Strategically placed wall-mount phones for quick and easy access during emergencies.
  • Implemented DECT phones for maximum coverage and mobility throughout the airport premises.
  • Improved communication coverage and enabled staff members to stay connected and accessible, enhancing overall productivity and coordination.

Overall, this comprehensive hardware deployment has significantly improved telephony, SIP, unified, and business communications at London Ashford Airport, enhancing efficiency and productivity across the entire organisation.

Hardware Deployment for Reliable Communication Infrastructure

  • WatchGuard Firewall for enhanced security
  • 48-port PoE switches for main communications
  • 24-port PoE switch for the fire station
  • HP Aruba wireless access points in the fire station
  • Analogue VoIP converter for up to 11 fax machines
  • Yealink T46 phones for main offices
  • Wall-mount phones for emergency services
  • DECT phones for maximum coverage


The successful implementation of the 3CX-hosted VoIP phone system at London Ashford Airport was made possible through the collaborative efforts of MPR IT and MPR Technical Services.

MPR IT as the primary provider, played a crucial role in understanding the airport’s specific requirements and proposing the 3CX solution as a tailored IT solution. They worked closely with the airport’s management team to assess the existing infrastructure, identify pain points, and determine the desired outcomes of the upgrade. MPR IT also facilitated discussions with the airport’s stakeholders to ensure their needs were met throughout the project.

MPR Technical Services, on the other hand, provided the necessary technical expertise and support to execute the implementation. They worked hand in hand with MPR IT to deploy the hardware components, such as the Watchguard Firewall, PoE switches, wireless access points, and analog VoIP converter. MPR Technical Services ensured that the installation was carried out efficiently and effectively, minimising downtime and disruptions to the airport’s operations.

Throughout the project, MPR IT and MPR Technical Services maintained open lines of communication with the airport’s management team, providing regular updates on the progress and addressing any concerns or issues that arose. Their collaborative approach ensured a smooth and successful implementation of the 3CX-hosted VoIP phone system, resulting in the multitude of benefits experienced by London Ashford Airport.

By working together, MPR IT and MPR Technical Services demonstrated their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering tailored IT solutions that meet the specific business needs of their clients.

Benefits of Implementing 3CX Hosted VoIP at London Ashford Airport

  • Simplified billing processes
  • Improved support and troubleshooting from MPR IT
  • Enhanced security of communication infrastructure
  • Uninterrupted communication during power and internet outages
  • Seamless operations for critical stakeholders at the airport


During the network overhaul at London Ashford Airport, significant security improvements were implemented to bring the network up to modern standards. This included addressing issues such as unsecured network ports, failing cabling, and outdated firewall rules. By rectifying these vulnerabilities, the airport’s network is now better protected against potential threats and unauthorised access. The implementation of the 3CX-hosted VoIP phone system also contributed to enhanced security, as it leverages advanced encryption protocols to safeguard communication and prevent eavesdropping or interception of sensitive information. These comprehensive security measures ensure that the airport’s network is robust and resilient against potential cyber threats.


Continuity is paramount for London Ashford Airport, as it collaborates with critical organisations like Border Force and the Home Office. Recognising the need for uninterrupted communication, the implementation of the cloud-based 3CX-hosted VoIP phone system was a strategic choice. This system ensures that even in the event of total power or internet outages on-site, the airport’s staff can seamlessly log into their mobile apps and continue working with business phones via a 4G or 5G connection. This level of resilience is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and effective coordination with key stakeholders, ensuring that the airport can fulfill its responsibilities without any disruption.

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3cx Voip


Gravesend Grammar School is a renowned educational institution located in Gravesend, a charming town in the county of Kent, United Kingdom. Situated on Wrotham Road, the school is easily accessible and serves as a hub of learning for the local community and beyond.

With a proud history dating back to its founding in 1893, Gravesend Grammar School has established itself as a leading institution for academic excellence. The school prides itself on its commitment to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for its pupils.

Currently, Gravesend Grammar School caters to a diverse student body. The dedicated staff and faculty at the school are passionate about offering tailored education and empowering students to achieve their full potential.

Gravesend Grammar School’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its strong academic track record, as well as the wide range of extracurricular activities and opportunities it offers to its students. The school’s beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities provide an ideal setting for fostering creativity, personal growth, and lifelong learning.

Overall, Gravesend Grammar School stands as a beacon of educational excellence, providing a nurturing and inspiring environment for pupils to thrive and succeed.


Gravesend Grammar School faced a pressing problem – the need for a new phone system to keep up with their growing needs. The school’s in-house IT manager diligently searched for a company that could provide a comprehensive solution – from designing and supplying to installing and maintaining a top-notch 3CX system. The stakes were high, as the school required a seamless and efficient communication system to support its commitment to academic excellence and student success. It was crucial to find a partner who could not only meet their specific requirements but also provide exceptional service throughout the entire process.


MPR IT Solutions successfully implemented a comprehensive solution to address the pressing phone system needs of Gravesend Grammar School.

To minimise disruption to the staff and pupils, our team carefully planned and scheduled the project during the school holidays. Our fully DBS-checked team was able to efficiently design and install a network of 3CX phones throughout the school, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication system.

One of the key considerations during the implementation was to ensure that the administrative staff and teachers faced as little disruption as possible. Our team worked closely with them, understanding their specific needs and providing the necessary training and support. We also took into account the varying technology proficiency levels of the staff, ensuring that the solution catered to both those who required basic functionalities and those who were eager to embrace new technology.

Another important aspect of the implementation was the integration of voice messages and unified communications. We understood the significance of these features in enhancing communication and collaboration within the school community. By gradually adding these features, we ensured that the teachers were not disturbed during important tasks such as marking and after hours.

In terms of timeline, the transfer of the phone system took place in late July, specifically on the 21st, to minimise disruption during the exam period. The implementation phase continued from Thursday the 18th to the 25th of August, ensuring that the system was fully functional by the start of the new term on the 1st of September.

To meet the school’s requirements, we increased the number of phones to 30 with 8 lines. We also integrated the phone system with cloud platforms such as Google Calendars and Office 365 to streamline scheduling and enhance productivity. Additionally, we designed a call handling flow chart to ensure efficient routing of calls within the school. The auto-attendant feature at the reception, particularly for Whitehall Primary Phase 2, was given special importance to further enhance communication.


With our tailored solution and attention to detail, MPR IT Solutions successfully implemented a robust phone system for Gravesend Grammar School, addressing their existing issues and providing a solid foundation for improved communication and collaboration.

MPR IT Solutions’ implementation of the 3CX VoIP system at Gravesend Grammar School has revolutionised their communication methods. The results of the project are as follows:

  1. Telephony: The new VoIP system has provided the school with a reliable and efficient telephony network. The integration of the 3CX phones throughout the school ensures seamless communication between staff, students, and parents.
  2. PBX: The implementation of a comprehensive PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system has enabled Gravesend Grammar School to manage its internal and external calls effectively. The PBX system allows for easy call routing and handling, improving overall communication efficiency.
  3. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol): By adopting SIP technology, the school now can make and receive calls over the Internet. This has significantly reduced their telephony costs and provided greater flexibility in communication.
  4. Scalability: The scalable nature of the 3CX VoIP system allows for easy expansion as the school grows. The system can accommodate additional phone lines and users without the need for extensive hardware upgrades.
  5. Functionality: The 3CX VoIP system offers a wide range of features and functionalities that have enhanced communication at the school. Features such as voicemail, call forwarding, call recording, and auto-attendant have improved overall efficiency and productivity.
  6. Software Integration: The integration of the phone system with cloud platforms such as Google Calendars and Office 365 has streamlined scheduling and improved productivity. Staff members can now easily manage their calendars and schedules, ensuring better coordination and communication.
  7. Video Conferencing: The implementation of video conferencing capabilities has transformed the way Gravesend Grammar School conducts meetings and collaborations. With the ability to hold virtual meetings, staff members can connect and communicate effectively, regardless of their physical location.Overall, the 3CX VoIP integration has fundamentally changed the way Gravesend Grammar School communicates. The robust telephony network, PBX system, SIP technology, scalability, extensive functionality, software integration, and video conferencing capabilities have all contributed to improved communication, collaboration, and productivity within the school community.

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In early 2020, having a flexible communication system was crucial for success in small businesses. Crowther Creative, a long-term customer of MPR IT Solutions, faced a significant challenge when their existing phone system proved to be inflexible for supporting remote working. The closure of their office further complicated matters, as redirecting business phone lines to remote working locations became a task. MPR IT Solutions stepped in with a solution that not only addressed these challenges but also proved to be a cost-effective communication service.


Crowther Creative struggled with an outdated traditional phone system that lacked the flexibility required for remote working. This system made it difficult to redirect business phone lines to remote locations, hindering productivity and communication. Furthermore, the maintenance costs associated with the traditional phone system were high, reducing the company’s ability to allocate resources to other critical areas.


With a trusted and established relationship with MPR IT Solutions, Crowther Creative turned to them to upgrade their phone system. MPR IT Solutions offered fully hosted VoIP phone system (voice over internet protocol) that provided the flexibility required for remote working. By partnering with MPR IT Solutions, Crowther Creative could consolidate its IT and phone system needs, simplifying its support process. This close working relationship helped foster a stronger partnership between the two businesses, allowing for seamless communications and problem-solving.

MPR IT Solutions implemented a tailored solution for Crowther Creative that included the following features:

1. Hosted VoIP Telephone Extensions: MPR IT Solutions provided Crowther Creative with seven VoIP-hosted telephone extensions. These extensions included 2000 minutes per user for combined landline and mobile usage. This allowed employees to easily communicate with clients and colleagues, regardless of their location.

2. Auto Attendant: The hosted phone system included an auto-attendant feature, which allowed callers to be directed to the appropriate department or individual without the need for human intervention. This streamlined the call-handling process and improved customer satisfaction.

3. Advanced Call Handling Hunt Groups: MPR IT Solutions implemented advanced call-handling hunt groups, ensuring that incoming calls were efficiently distributed among available employees. This helped to reduce wait times and improve overall call management.

4. Soft Phone for PC Install: Employees were provided with softphone installations on their PCs, enabling them to make and receive calls directly from their computers. This feature proved especially useful for remote working, as employees could easily stay connected without the need for additional hardware.

5. Go Integrator for Application Integration: MPR IT Solutions integrated the hosted phone system with Crowther Creative’s existing applications,(including cloud services) such as customer relationship management (CRM) software. This integration facilitated seamless communication and improved productivity by allowing employees to access customer information directly from the phone system.

6. Call Recording with 180-day Retention: The hosted phone system included call recording capabilities with a retention period of 180 days. This feature was essential for Crowther Creative, as it allowed them to review and analyse customer interactions, ensuring quality control and compliance with industry regulations.

7. Yealink Desktop Phone: MPR IT Solutions provides Yealink desktop phones, offering a user-friendly interface and high-quality audio for clear and efficient communication.

8. Yealink DECT Phone: In addition to desktop phones, MPR IT Solutions also supplied Yealink DECT phones, allowing employees to have wireless communication capabilities throughout the office.

9. PC Client Only Extensions: Two PC client-only extensions were set up, providing employees with the flexibility to make and receive calls directly from their computers.

10. Plantronics USB Headsets: To further enhance communication capabilities, MPR IT Solutions supplied Plantronics USB headsets that could be used with either the desk phone or the PC. These headsets ensured clear audio and improved comfort during long calls.


By partnering with MPR IT Solutions and implementing a hosted VoIP phone system, Crowther Creative experienced significant improvements in its communication capabilities. The key impacts of the solution were as follows:

1. Enhanced Flexibility: The hosted phone system allowed employees to easily redirect business phone lines to remote working locations, ensuring seamless communication even during office closures. This flexibility improved productivity and enabled employees to work efficiently from anywhere.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: The transition to a hosted phone system resulted in cost savings for Crowther Creative. The elimination of high maintenance costs associated with the traditional phone system allowed the company to allocate resources to other critical areas of its business. The consolidated monthly invoice from MPR IT Solutions for all support, phone lines, and internet connections allowed for effective budgeting and cost management.

3. Improved Customer Service: The auto attendant feature and advanced call handling hunt groups ensured that incoming calls were efficiently directed to the appropriate department or individual. This reduced wait times, improved call management, and ultimately enhanced customer satisfaction.

4. Seamless Integration: The integration of the hosted phone system with Crowther Creative’s existing applications, such as CRM software, improved productivity by allowing employees to access customer information directly from the phone system. This streamlined communication and eliminated the need for manual data entry.

5. Quality Control and Compliance: The call recording capabilities with a retention period of 180 days allowed Crowther Creative to review and analyse customer interactions. This ensured quality control and compliance with industry regulations, leading to improved customer service and adherence to legal requirements.

6. User-Friendly Equipment: The Yealink desktop phones and DECT phones provided by MPR IT Solutions offered a user-friendly interface and high-quality audio, ensuring clear and efficient communication. The Plantronics USB headsets further enhanced communication capabilities, providing clear audio and improved comfort during calls.


By partnering with MPR IT Solutions and implementing a hosted VoIP phone system, Crowther Creative successfully addressed its communication challenges and achieved significant benefits. The flexible nature of the hosted phone system allowed for seamless communication during remote working and local office closures, improving productivity and employee efficiency. The cost savings from transitioning to a hosted phone system allowed Crowther Creative to allocate resources to other critical areas of their business. The integration of the phone system with existing applications streamlined communication and improved productivity. Additionally, the call recording capabilities ensured quality control and compliance with industry regulations.

Overall, MPR IT Solutions’ expertise and tailored IT solutions enabled Crowther Creative to enhance its communication capabilities, improve customer service, and achieve cost savings. This case study serves as a testament to MPR IT Solutions’ ability to provide effective and customised solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses.